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Real Person
This last weekend I had a good friend come visit for the day. He was the best man at my wedding. I was still sleeping when he arrived. I rolled over when my wife said she would get the door. It hadn't occurred to me that she wasn't wearing anything under her robe. A few minutes later I rolled over assuming she had returned to bed. Well she had, but not how I expected. She was bent over the side of the bed, her robe on her pillow and my friend behind her pounding away, making her tits swing.

I quickly realized I was rock hard. I am sure from the scene, but also, I had just taken my testosterone shot the day before. I and continually rock hard for days after my shot. I reached down and started stroking as I watched. In a moment she reached up and slapped my hand and told me no. So I figured to take advantage of her slutty mood and slid over to have her suck me. She told me no and ordered me to get my shower.

By the time I was dry, they were done and down eating with the kids. Nothing was said all day long. When he and I returned in the evening, my wife was all dressed up. She kissed me good night and they left me to babysit the kids.

Around 1 or 2, she came in the bedroom. Without a word she climbed into bed and climbed onto my face. She raised her skirt and ordered me to suck her. For the next hour or so she had me lick her to orgasm after orgasm. I was a rock. She would not touch me and every time I tried she slapped my hand. Both yesterday and today she told me I am not allowed to touch myself.

I am so hard from her teasing. I want to, but she told me I would prefer the prize over the punishment. It is the best cuckold experience I have ever had. Should I go against her order or should I relieve the pressure?