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The Best Holiday Surprise

I could not resist sharing my news. If you have read any of my posts you know that a friend of mine has been letting her big bull husband use me as his toy. It has been wonderful time and time again. Well it has happened.

My husband got a surprise for Christmas:


"Honey, I'm Pregnant!!!"

He was thrilled to death and is loving it.

For New Years, he got an even bigger surprise.


"Honey, It might not be yours!!!"

I then reminded him of the time I was taken without protection. It was a wild night, both he and my husband had me several times. My husband freaked, was so horny he could not contain himself. He pounded away at me for ever and ever. Was some of the best sex he has ever done.

I took the reaction as excitement that not only am I pregnant, but I might be pregnant with his black baby.

Anyone else give their husband a better gift than that for the holidays????


Real Person
We don't know for sure, but it seems to turn my husband on. Between my horn invests increasing daily and his liking me pregnant, it works out great.
:)i know my man got turnd on but scared to he said it was a big step but cant wait tell a black baby is growing in me.are u happy about it and turn on for u?