The Best Feeling in the world


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Yeah, a lot of women say that they'd just as soon receive "head" than get fucked. But, sometimes, I believe its because they've made the concession that their man can't make 'em cum by fucking them.
I know one thing, ain't no man going to fuck my wife without licking her pussy first ... as far as she's concerned, that's a requirement for fucking her. Mac


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A skilled tongue is at least as important as a skilled cock. If a male has a large cock using your tongue to curl her toes a time or two makes the fucking a lot easier and better for both parties. If you have a little dick and a skilled tongue tongue she is less likely to be concerned about your cock size. Sex besides being a reproductive process is primarily a pleasurable recreational activity. I have never heard about anyone male or female complaining about how their partner(s) brought them to orgasm.