The Best Feeling in the world

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    This is the best feeling in the world.
    Best Feeling.gif

    Having her rub her fingers through your hair as she forces you deeping into her. Then knowing that she is doing because she needs what you are doing so badly. Nothing better than knowing your giving her exactly what she wants and needs.
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    Yeah, a lot of women say that they'd just as soon receive "head" than get fucked. But, sometimes, I believe its because they've made the concession that their man can't make 'em cum by fucking them.
    I know one thing, ain't no man going to fuck my wife without licking her pussy first ... as far as she's concerned, that's a requirement for fucking her. Mac
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    A skilled tongue is at least as important as a skilled cock. If a male has a large cock using your tongue to curl her toes a time or two makes the fucking a lot easier and better for both parties. If you have a little dick and a skilled tongue tongue she is less likely to be concerned about your cock size. Sex besides being a reproductive process is primarily a pleasurable recreational activity. I have never heard about anyone male or female complaining about how their partner(s) brought them to orgasm.
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