The beginning.

It's the middle of the night and I'm woken up by movement in the bed next to me. I'm still not really sure whether I'm dreaming. She snuggles into my back. Whispers in my ear " Are you still awake?" I grunt out a sleepy reply. It's only twelve thirty. Sill five hours till I have to be up for work but I don't really want to hear all the gossip about her friends. Again. I let out a longer annoyed grunt meaning " Shut up and let me get back asleep." She moves back to her side of the bed and sinks in, sighs.

I think that's it.... It's not. She starts to whisper. Just loud enough that if I WAS awake I would hear it, but not enough to wake me if I'm really sleeping. " Pity"... Is she done? No. Hold on. She's plucking up the courage. " Remember that fantasy we had years?

Okay. Stop. Let me fill you in here. We've been married over twenty and honestly over the last five years our sex life has fizzled away to once, twice a year. If that. It got to the stage were I hardly ever thought about sex. Well, unless Jennifer Lawrence was prancing across my screen in some movie:) I still loved my wife, but the spark had gone. Same for her.

We'd settled into a comfortable, boring life. Mortgage paid off. Kids gone. Money in the bank but we didn't even go out anymore. Same boring routine. Talk about Groundhog Day. You hear all about it, don't you. How the sex goes in a marriage. We tried all the stuff over the years: Dressing up. Her that is not me:) Date nights. Fantasies. All the stuff married couples try to keep the spark going. And they all worked...For a time. Until they didn't. Now all that was left was, well I don't think either of us knew.

"Which one." I replied. She laughed and said " I knew you weren't asleep. I can tell by your breathing." Now she leaned back over and whispered sexily in my ear. " The really naughty one. The one where I go out and sleep with another guy and come home to you with my pussy full of cum. That one."

Well that woke me and my cock up, I can tell you that! I turned over and I could tell instantly she was as horny as I have seen her in years. She grabbed my hand and slowly traced it over her breasts, across her stomach and down to her panties. Which were soaking wet!

" Want to hear all about it." She asked in the sexiest voice I have heard it my whole life.

And I'm asking you the same question...


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This is the type of marriage that is destined to fail.
Sorry, but it is the truth. If you are not willing to meet her requests and she is not willing to meet yours, just file for divorce and go your separate ways.
If you want to truly save things, then seek counseling. Seriously. I wish both of you the best of luck.
these two are meeting each others requests. all they need to do here is listen to each other, believe in each other and most of all hold each other when they talk about these things. Do this to show your love for each other.