The Bank


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If i had a career choice it would be work at a bank, now thats the place where you work with money, women, drive thrus and Cars all in one. I know its a lot of responsiblites making sure you dont make a mistake with money. Because it can be lost or miscounted and it could get you in trouble a lot too. I would love to do the drive thru and talk and get to know customers and make them happy. I would have company too because i cant do the drive thrus alone got to have a partner, so we have to get the people cash their checks and give them money right and left.


At noon on a friday. Payday!!! People got to head to the bank and get paid. We get a rush till 2:00 and then relax aaaaah. My co worker Missy in the drive thru tells me "im going to take a break and get something to drink. Do you want anything??" I tell her "No, Thank you but when you do get back i do need to go to the restroom." She smiles and says "I wont be too long, be right back." I watch her walk out of the booth wearing a nice cream blouse and a black skirt with black hose and heels. I start to get things in order at my station and then i see Ms Pam Hayes, The local realtor in town. She stops in the drive thru and i Say "Hello Ms Hayes, How are you today?". She says "Call me Pam, and im doing fine today". She was driving her convertable Mustang wearing her red business suit with skirt today. She asks me, are you new and i tell her i just moved into town a couple weeks ago. She says "Are you looking for a home for yourself or your family?" I tell her i was thinking about a place for one but didnt know where to start at. Then All the sudden while i was talking to Pam, I feel a hand going up and down my leg up and around my crotch. I start to look down and there you are Missy looking up at me on your knees with your finger to your lips in a shhhh motion. Then i look back at Pam and she starts to pick up a card and writes down some information on it. I keep my eyes on Pam while Missy starts to unzip my pants right there in the booth. She reaches in and opens my boxers and pulls out my hard 8 thick inches. Then Pam tells me, "Heres my card, If you are looking for a place, give me a call and we can go look at some homes, OK" With a smile, i feel Missy's mouth on my thick cock sucking on it nice and slow. Sucking deeper and slow then faster. I tell Pam "i may have to take you up on that offer but i would call you to set up a appointment, ok" I start to go crazy as you go faster. but i cant show that with Pam looking at me. i start to tense up and explode in Missy's mouth with my hot load. I give Pam her money, and i tell her "I will call you when i get the time off from work." She replys "Ok, I will be waiting for your call. Have a good day, Hon!" and she drives off out of the drive thru with a smile. I feel my cock go back in my boxers and my zipper zip back up and a love pat and i look down and you are gone from underneath. Then i say "Wow, that was good." And i hear "whats good" from the back and its Missy Smiling and licking her lips. Then she says "Do you still have to go to the Bathroom??" I tell her "Yes i should go real fast. ill be right back." As i walk out of the booth i hear in a soft whisper "Yes it was good mmmm." I smile and head to the restroom.

THE END (For Now)