The Ancient Egyptian Black God


Had a look at this pic?? u like it??

This is "Min" he is the god of male fertility in ancient Egypt, he is supposed to have very dark skin color and huge cock.

God "Min" is a myth but he has a story that was written in ancient Egyptian history, As you see from the above picture he has only one arm holding his cock with and the other was cut, Also the legs he had only one leg and the other was cut. In ancient history when there was a war all the men in the country are obliged to go and fight but this man couldnt as he had only one leg and one arm. So the people in the country went to the war and left him behind in the country. And after the war was finished a lot of men were killed in it and there wasnt enough men in the country anymore to work and do all the jobs. But the rest who came back found out that all the women in the country were pregnant!!

Lucky Guy huh??

Thats how the myth started, men in ancient egypt used to praise God Min and give offerings to him in order to be fertile like him when they get married.

So from the pictures and statues that was found God Min was a black man, seems that blacks are superior since more than 7ooo years ago.

Africa, Land of Blacks

Here are more pics of God Min
god min.jpg

Oh btw, the statue of God Min is one of the very common souvenirs that tourists buy when they visit Egypt.

If you need one tell me i can try to send it.

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