The Alpha Organization-Part 9

Tha Alpha Organization- Part 9 and end of the story

Rick's transition from a person who thought he was a white man to that of a white cuckold boy had been smooth. While he had been receiving his training Kim had also been busy. She had been attending rather extensive classes of her own. She paid close attention to the information on history and on a basic part of TAO. This was the concept of white male servitude and reparations. These should involve both non-sexual as well as sexual matters. She was especially interested in the series of lectures on the superiority of the black man in sexual matters and why white women were naturally attracted to such men. It all made so much sense to her. She also was beginning to understand how a woman such as her could be dominant and even a bit nasty with her cuckold but yet be totally submissive and supportive of the men she saw. She was also surprised at the classes on "the sexual responses of men". She thought she had been ready for sexual encounters at this level but the classes told her otherwise. As a petite, blonde woman she began to realize that her attractiveness to the men would be based on her being sweet and traditional to the world but a total sexual slut in private. She thought to herself that this would be easy for her.

Kim knew that J was not exclusive to her and she was not to him. They had not made that kind of vow. Nonetheless, she had had the best sex of her life with him. For J's part he could not help but remember the amazing ability of Kim to deepthroat him and her natural desire to spread his juices over her face. So it should not have been a surprise to either of them for J to show up at an evening class. Kim was in a room with a lady teacher and several other women. The teacher was called out and came back in and said "Kim. You are wanted." All of the women had knowing smiles as Kim quietly went into the next room. There she saw J and she melted into his arms. J whispered to her "Kim. I am going to go down your throat. I need it so much." Kim felt a sense of pride as the two went into a room and she dropped to her knees. She slowly licked the head of the cock as it hardened. J eventually directed it to Kim's mouth and she accepted the trophy. He inched it forward and eventually the entire cock was buried. Kim was such a natural. She did not gag. J started pumping and Kim responded. Eventually she was on her haunches and leaning back and he was pumping down into her mouth. He came and she took it. He was breathing hard and slowly pulled out. Kim at this point took the penis and smeared it all over her face. This part was easy for her. This scene played itself out several more times during the classes. In fact, Kim knew the other women were getting a little jealous but what could she do. If J wanted or needed her for sex she would give it to him. On his terms. This was part of her responsibility in TAO. It was also what she wanted. To be possessed by such a man. Totally taken as he wanted and when he wanted.

It was towards the end of the classes that Kim was set up on a blind date. This was part of the process and she knew this would be with a man other than J. She felt a little uneasy since she had been getting so close to J but her instructor reassured her. As long as she had not made a commitment of partnership to a man she could be with different men and they could be with different women. The only absolute rule was that all sexual and romantic contact with men had to be with black men. This part would be easy for Kim. The mere thought of her husband in a sexual way almost made her sick. What had she been thinking in the past attempting sex with a white boy? She now knew what she wanted and also knew what a perfectly natural and healthy urge it was. It was no longer interracial sex or taboo sex. It was just sex. Sex with a white boy. That was the sick thing and TAO was going to help make sure it just did not happen. Her date was with an older man who was balding. He took her out to dinner and was amazingly polite. Kim saw a couple people who she knew at the restaurant and merely smiled and waved to them. Eventually the man took her to a hotel and a bottle of wine awaited them in the room. Kim was very impressed with this man. As for him he was thrilled at such a beautiful white wife. He wanted to have her. They kissed and Kim used all of her growing skills to slowly tease him. She undid his belt and slowly massaged his cock. It was not as big nor as beautiful as J's but it would do. Kim went to her knees which was becoming her favorite position. She could look up at the man and he could control her head with his hands. She took him deep into her mouth and slowly brought him close to a climax. As he got near he grabbed himself and pulled out. He sprayed her face and she slowly moved her head around to get as much of the wonderful cum as possible. Without thinking her face went down and she was lovingly licking his balls and the underside as the man's cock deflated. Given how hot this little woman was it did not take long for the man to get hard again. This time he took her in a doggy position and Kim orgasmed. As the night ended she knew that she was meant to be with this group. She now knew that the cuckolding was not really about cutting her husband off from sex. Yes, that was important but it was just part of it all. The other two parts were the sexual satisfaction of the alpha men and her own sexual satisfaction. Sex was not the only part of TAO but it was a key part. For Kim's part she was determined to measure up. Her sex life felt normal for the first time.

It was after Rick's marking that Kim accepted her mark. Her ceremony was much more elaborate. Her woman sponsor was Ellie and her man sponsor was J. She took a number of vows which included the sexual vows. She went into a private room and a small black alpha sign was tatooed on her right lower abdomen. She had arrived. The night of her ceremony party seemed like a whirlwind to her. She ended up in bed with J. He felt so very proud of her as he looked down on her head. Kim was going down on him and her speed was amazing to see as her tongue and mouth work was amazing to feel. He eventually honored her with an oral cumshot and she slid down further to get it all. J pulled off another four orgasm night with Kim. Kim could not believe how lucky she was. She gave only a passing thought for Rick who was at that moment cleaning up from the party. It felt right. Justice becomes reality.

Several months later the annual meeting of TAO was held at a secluded resort. Kim arrived with J and was so proud when J got up to give a speech. He talked about the progress they had all made and how the idea of how white boy sex was unnatural and wrong was quickly becoming mainstream. He talked about the businesses and Kim also felt a sense of pride as Terrele was given an award for his takeover of the business that Rick had once had. As Kim and J mixed with people after the evening she felt nothing but a sense of belonging. The two lovers eventually got to their room and waiting for them was their servant. Kim saw the white boy in a little uniform stand next to the bed. He had turned down the sheets and had lighted candles. It was romantinc to the extreme. The boy took their coats and then quietly went out of the room. He would sit outside for the enitre night and be available if the two lovers needed anything. He would hear some loud lovemaking that night but he would see nothing and experience nothing. He was cuckolded. As the bed springs started to creak Rick leaned against the wall. Ellie had made sure that he would be assigned to Kim for that night. A tear formed in his eye as he began to erect. At that very moment Kim had a smile on her face as J was entering her. This was just the beginning.

End of Part 9 and end of the story

I hope this story was good. It was loosely based on some ideas that my wife and I have both talked about. I would very much like feedback as to whether it is worth me writing again--if this is any good. I just cannot tell. I also would very much like any ideas to get my wife to be more like Kim. I am still hoping that the fiction becomes reality.


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It was great rocuck. It only ended too soon. I Would have hope that J knocked up kim and liked to see her as instrumental in getting other young white wifes converted by the TAO.