The Alpha Organization-Part 4

The Alpha Organization- Part 4

Kim was a nervous wreck. The mixer meeting was going to be held that night. Ellie would take her and be there for support. But Kim was the one who would be on the hot seat. She had been unsure as to what she would tell her husband. A part of her felt that she should tell the truth. After all, this meeting could end up with him being cuckolded. But she knew the time was not right for that. She had discussed this issue with Ellie and she felt strongly that Kim should use this as an opportunity to establish what would hopefully be the new normal. That is to say with Kim being the boss and Rick accepting anything and everything she did. So Kim told Rick that she was going out with Ellie and did not go into details.She had to admit that she felt empowered when he saw her get dressed up. She looked gorgeous and sexy. He had the look that he knew she was getting fixed up in a way that she would not for him. He had the look that he thought that she might be going out to be with a man tonight. The amazing part was that he seemed to get smaller as she looked at him. Kim felt that she should feel sorry for him but she remembered what Ellie had told her. He was meant to be cuckolded. As Kim looked at herself in the mirror the guilt faded and was replaced by desire. The desire to be with real men. It was as if her confidence was growing as her husband's last remnants of manhood faded. She said to herself "I can do this."

She took a final look in the mirror. She was wearing the black dress she had bought with Ellie. It was somewhat short and showed off her long legs. Her breasts were displayed with a slightly lowcut front. She had always thought her breasts were a little too big on such a petite frame. But as she looked at her reflection she had to admit they looked great. Very natural looking and no sag. She was a little insecure about her rear. But the dress hugged it and she had elected to not wear panties to get a clean look to the fabric. Blonde hair at the shoulder. Double pierced ears. She looked sexy and she was excited to be playing dress up for men other than her husband while he had to stay home and do housework. All she could think was that she hoped the evening would not destroy this spell. She wanted to be with Prince Charming. As she dreamed the doorbell rang and she headed out with Ellie. Rick could only look with some concern. Kim told herself there would be time enough to straighten his issues out.

Ellie drove Kim. Kim noted that she was allowed to see where they were going. The super secrecy level had apparently been passed with her test and initial interview. She arrived at a large estate. When they pulled the car up they were greeted by a white man dressed as a traditional butler. He held the doors open and said welcome to the ladies. The car was parked. As Ellie and Kim came close to the front door Ellie made a point to tell Kim that the man had been a succesful business owner but that he had been broken and had sold the business to a member of the organization with the proceeds going to his wife. Kim asked if they were divorced and Ellie just laughed. "No. But he is the servant now and she will probably be inside with the new owner. Justice meets reality as one of the guys once said." Kim was impressed. She would have to remember the phrase. When the door opened they were first greeted by another servant but almost immediately Greg came up. Ellie and Greg hugged each other and Greg gave a stern look to the white servant who left the area for the kitchen. Greg then gave Kim a long look and finally broke out into a smile. He turned to Ellie "You were right Ellie. She belongs here." Kim walked with the two into a large reception room and saw a number of people. The men were all black. There were white servants and they were referred to as white boys by all concerned. It was not meant as a nasty comment but merely as a statement of fact. Justice meets reality. Kim was initially surprised to see a couple of white boys who she knew. She was not sure how to act but Ellie led the way and showed her how to order a drink and look like she was in charge. Kim laughed with Ellie and told her she felt relieved. Ellie said "After tonight you will never treat the white boys the same. And, I might add, you will never think about black men in the same way."

Kim circulated and started meeting people. This was a small group of members. They had bigger meetings and parties at other times. The men were mainly very distinguished looking with suits. There were a few who looked like rap artists and a few who seemed very young and some old. Kim was not attracted to every single man but she felt an attraction to many. She knew the philosophy and lifestyle were pulling her but there was sexual energy. She wanted to be with some of these men. As she mingled she knew at that very moment that she would never have sex with Rick again. Never.

Kim was carefully steered into a private den and there were several men and a couple of white women there. Elli introduced her to all of them and ended with an introduction to a man simply called J. Kim looked up in awe at this man. He was probably 6 ft. 4 in. and big and muscular. Yet he was distinguished and gentlemanly as he took Kim's hand and kissed it. Kim felt her head spin just from being close to him. J asked Kim to sit and spent some time explaining the organization in more detail. He finally got to the essence of it and told Kim that for the alpha men of the organization to prosper they needed to "break" the white boys. He explained that breaking them was a psychological term and she would have the opportunity to learn more about it later. He then spoke in a soft voice "Kim. You are what we want and need. You know the rules to join. You can bring your husband in but if you do he must be broken and marked and cuckolded. There is no other way. You can divorce him but we prefer having him serving you and the men of this group. I want you to know that you will be respected in this group. The black men are in charge. I won't deny that. But you will never be forced to do anything against your wishes. You will be protected and you will be with men, not boys. You will need to spend some time to learn all of the rules but we think you would be a good fit." This was followed by a long series of questions and answers. Kim surprised herself with her answers. A part of her came out that she did not know existed. The idea of black men and white boys seemed natural to her.

The evening ended sooner than anyone would expect. Kim found herself being walked to the car by J with his arm around her. As they got to the car J turned her around and lifted her up with ease to his level. He kissed her on the mouth and Kim melted. She opened her mouth and the tongues were exploring each other. His hands were below her butt and she felt them squeeze and explore. The moment ended and J wished them a nice drive back. Ellie laughed as they drove off. She told Kim that there would be many other meetings and many other times but that the first kiss with a real man was special. She would not forget it. She then explained that the next step was to begin breaking Rick. This might be tough and could take some time but Ellie told her that she was sure he would break. As she explained to Kim "He is pure white boy cuckold. You will see. You will be shocked." As Ellie left her out back at home she leaned out the door one last time. "By the way Kim. The next time you are with J. Make it a blow job along with the kiss." Kim was laughing uncontrollably as she enterd her home and saw her husband waiting for her. If it was not breaking time it was close.

End of Part-4