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The Alpha Organization- Part 2

The Alpha Organization- Part 2

Kim had gone home after her outing with Ellie. She did not share any of the information with her husband. She was not sure this was for real. The next day Ellie called her to see if she had changed her mind. Kim said she had not. She wanted to see what this was all about. Ellie explained that there would be a number of steps involved and she asked Kim to be patient. She explained that the first step would be for Kim to take a test. It was just a number of questions and could be done on a computer but that the group had found that an inital screening with a test was the way to go. Kim was surprised but said to herself "what the Hell" and she agreed to go over to Ellie's the next day. Ellie would have a laptop waiting for her. Kim was just not sure this would be worth all of this trouble but had to admit to herself that she was just a little desperate.

Kim got ready to go the next evening. She told Rick that she was going to see Ellie and as she drove off she had to admit how easy Rick was. She told him something and he did it. She even had him doing all of the housework these days. He seemed suited to it and did not complain. She thought that she ought to feel guilty about it but she sure didn't feel guilty. It just seemed the right role for him. As she pulled into Ellie's she saw Ron. She looked on him differently now that she knew he was cuckolded. Ron hurried to open the door for her and was extremely polite. All of a sudden she realized that Ron knew that she knew his status and that this was the way polite cuckolds were supposed to act. She had to admit that she liked it.

Ellie was waiting inside for her and after some small talk took Kim into a private room with a computer. She turned it on and the alpha symbol in black color came up. Ellie typed in a password and it opened up. Kim could not see all of the information but after a couple of clicks she was looking at a test. It could have been a school test. Ellie smiled and told her that it would take a few hours and she apologized for the time. She did tell Kim that she might find it fun. She did ask her to be honest with the answers. She said "Be true to yourself" as she left Kim alone.

The first page was just information. Her height and weight and more personal things such as bra size. It asked for information about her husband including some embarrassing parts. She hesitated on the one about penis size but eventually put down 2-3 inches. It then asked about her views about business and society things. She was given some unusual questions like if she had a contract to award would she choose her husband or a black man that she felt deserved it more. She then ended up with some very personal sexual questions. She did not know how this information would be used and who would see it but it felt anonymous in that room. There were a number of pictures of men with choices like who would you date, etc. She was asked if she thought it was wrong for a woman to be with a man other than her husband, assuming he knew. She had to answer no to that one. She finally finished and walked out of the room. Ellie had perfectly timed the test and took the laptop. Kim just wanted to go to bed at this time and Ellie said "I'll call you when this has been read. Thanks so much. Were you totally honest?" Kim merely had a tired smile and said "Oh yeah. Maybe too honest but it is what it is." they hugged and Kim drove home.

It took a full week and Kim found herself having a cup of coffee with Ellie to discuss the results. She felt deflated and just knew she had somehow failed. As they sat down Ellie had a big grin. She said to Kim that the test had been prepared by some real experts. She said that there were questions that got to the real way that Kim felt without her knowing they were asking those kind of questions. She explained that there was a score from 0 to 100. 100 would be the perfect woman for T.A.O. 0 would not do. The average for the present members was 78 and the cutoff to go to the next step was 60. Ellie then leaned over and said "Guess what yours was?" Kim had no idea and said 59. Ellie smiled and said "Maybe in Rick's dreams it was 59 but the number in the real world is 94." Kim was shocked and said "What does it mean?" Ellie said "It means you deserve to be around some serious men, you have the right ideas, and you get to go to the next level. That is what it means." Kim just sat there. It was all so new to her.

It was one week later that Kim found herself being picked up by a limo. Ellie was with her as her sponsor. This would be an interview. Kim knew it would be with a woman who was in the T.A.O. She had no idea who or where it would be. She dressed up a little but not like she would for a man. Just the thought of that was exciting her for the first time in a few years. She was blindolded in the back of the car and felt the car drive for perhaps an hour. The next thing she knew she was in a fancy room and the blindfold had been removed. An older lady stood there with a big grin "Kim, I am Karen. I am so happy that you came to talk to us this night. Let me look at a 94. I can't remember the last time someone scored that high." They all sat down and Karen finally spoke "I know you have questions. We are going to start with me reading some things for you. I am going to read the mission statement of The Alpha Organization. If you have trouble with it please let us know and you will get to go back to your comfortable home. If you agree with it then there will be some more. Here it is


Karen let it all sink in. Kim realized that this was far bigger than she had imagined. She was scared but it all made sense to her at the same time. How could that be? Ellie was looking intently at her as Karen spoke up "Kim. The hard facts are that we need women for this to become a reality. It is not just that we feel cuckolding the white men is right. It is something our men want to do. And these are alpha men, Kim. Real men. We need women like you to tease your husband but to never allow him sex. We need him to step aside for others in the work world. We need him to be willing to take this road, The men will make him feel little. Just ask Ellie. But they don't want to be cruel. They just have a mission. And Kim, there is no greater honor than being a female member of this organization. You will be working with and dating and finding real romance with men. And these are black men Kim. The kind you are attracted to. The test tells us that much." Kim was shaking at this point. She thought this was a little social club but it was so much more. She spoke softly to Karen "But I am married Karen. Do I give that up?" Karen and Ellie both laughed before Karen answered "Absolutely not. But understand that we view marriage to a white man as a social convenience. You could end up with another man as your partner. That would be your real husband if you must know. The main thing is that you would stay married and your husband would do the work for you and for any men that you may be working with on projects. But as for sex that would be for you and men. Not for him. We want him to accept this willingly. But it all goes back to the mission statement. Can you agree with it with all of your heart?" Kim looked at the floor and decided honesty was best. She picked the head up and said "Yes." The biggest one word answer of her life. Karen patted her hand and said "OK. Now it is time for some real education." It appeared that the lessons would start that very night.