The Alpha Organization-1

I am a white male who is married. I have just started posting on this site. I am inadequate. There is no other way to explain it. My wife understands this and we no longer attempt actual sex beyond my oral stuff. We watch porn and it is now only interracial porn. I am trying to convince her that I would accept cuckolding. She is worried and reluctant and all of that but has not said no. Having said that, we both have noted the explosion of white women with black men and we have talked about it. Her attraction is to black men and I am not sure I understand it. I don't think it is about size or anything but more about attitude. A more manly attitude than I can bring to the table. Neither of us know what to do and I am not sure she would follow through. My wife has expressed concerns she might not be good enough or sexy enough or whatever. I have concerns that I might be jealous or not show the right amount of respect. Could I let her be with a man who is better than me? Things would change if she was with the right kind of man, even once. I know that and we both fear it some. Anyways,we have fantasized about things and I thought I would try writing a story that is somewhat based on ideas that both of us have had. Fantasy that we would like to think is real somewhere. I do not know if I have any ability in this and would like feedback if it is worth my time to finish the entire story. Who knows maybe this will lead to our fantasy becoming my wife's reality.

The Alpha Organization-Part 1

Looks can be deceiving. To the outside world Kim and Rick looked like a normal couple. They were both 27 and had been married for 3 years. Kim took pride in her looks. She was 5 ft. 5 inches and weighed 120. Her breasts and rear were slightly too large in her opinion although men would not agree. She had shoulder length blonde hair and was pretty- very pretty. Rick was also on the thin side and small. The problem was not his physical smallness. It was how small his manhood was. Kim had often thought as to what she should call it. It seemed to her that penis or cock or dick were not appropriate for a little white guy whose manhood was so tiny. She had given up even thinking about it as a sexual organ. It would never serve as that. She had married him for his kindness and his ability to earn a good living. After three years she still loved him but it was a "different" kind of love. She could not describe it well but it was clearly not a man-woman kind of love. It was not the kind of love she had always thought about where she would be possessed by a man. A man she could worship. A man who would not hesitate to have his way with her. She was a woman, after all, and she was attracted to everything that Rick was not. She and Rick loved each other and wanted to stay together. But the sex they now had was him going down on her. "Lesbian" sex in her mind. Intercourse was no longer tried and she had always felt that she would have to respect a man for her to give him oral. She would have gentle orgasms from his mouth to help her fall to sleep. She now knew that love and respect were two different things. She loved Rick but did not respect him as a man. The funny thing was that Rick knew this and had accepted it all. So they looked like a normal couple to the world but they both knew the issues.

Kim found herself at the mall with her best friend Ellie. They were shopping and had just bought some really sexy lingerie for Ellie. They were getting a drink and sitting down and Kim could not help but notice a strong, beautiful black man walk by holding hands with a petite white woman. The white woman saw Kim stare and gave her a smile. The kind of a smile that says "look what I have". Ellie noted this and smiled as she said "Commonplace these days." Kim looked at her and asked "What is?" Ellie then said "You know what I mean so don't act like you don't. I mean white women with black men. It is commonplace. In fact, if you want to be honest about it youwould see more of this than you do if we did not have a shortage." Kim was now laughing as she said "What shortage?" Ellie was also laughing as she said "Not enough black men, silly". Kim just nodded at this. The entire scene had reminded Kim of the hard fact that there were serious men out there in the world but she was married to Rick. She thought a second and then knew she would spill the beans to her best friend. So she started telling Ellie everything, all of it. To her surprise Ellie was not surprised. She listened with sympathy. Ellie then stared deeply into Kim's eyes and said to her "Kim. You may not believe this but I have had a similar problem. I thought I was going to have to get a divorce but I found a way out. I feel so guilty not having told you about it but I thought you were doing ok. Plus I have to be a little secretive about it. But if you will promise me to just keep an open mind I can tell you what saved me." Kim was stunned by all of this but she had to know. She did not want to spend the rest of her life as a frustrated virgin. And that is how she felt at this moment of her life. A woman who had had sex but not really, Not with the kind of man she wanted and needed. She looked at Ellie and asked her to tell her. Ellie nodded but suggested they go to a bar and talk over some wine. This would be a long day.

They found a quiet bar and ordered wine. Ellie started slowly. She explained to Kim that she had been frustrated with her husband Ron. She said she also loved him but he did not set off the sparks that she felt should be there. She told Kim that she had had a couple of affairs with co-workers but they were little more than one night stands. She said that she had about given up when she met Greg. He was a salesman who came to her office. She said she almost passed out when she saw him because he was so handsome and as Ellie told this she grabbed Kim"s hand and looked her in the eyes and said "And he was black Kim. Like a superman and black. When I saw him I knew he could have me however and whenever he wanted." Kim was staring as the story proceeded. Ellie told her how she had flirted with Greg. He had been aloof at first and did not seem interested but Ellie said that she sensed that he was sizing her up, seeing if she was for real. Kim had to interrupt as she was digesting the story "Didn't he know you were married?" Ellie laughed at that "Kim. That makes it all the better. Men like this don't care about that. In fact, they kind of like it. It is a sign of respect for a white man to accept that a black man gets the woman. That is one of the rules of T.A.O. but you don't know that.----At least not yet." Ellie had a visible grin as she added the "not yet" part and Kim found herself blushing. Ellie went on. Well to make a long story short I ended up meeting him and I went down on him in his car. Ellie was laughing "I felt like I was in highschool giving a blowjob. But you want to know something it was great. I felt so protected by him and I wanted to please him so much. It was magic for me. You know I never liked to do this for Ron but with Greg it was different. When he finished I just kept my head in his lap and he was so kind and soft spoken and he whispered to me that he wanted my promise that I would not ever suck on a white man's penis again-ever. Especially not my husband's. Kim you may think that this was strange or crazy but it just seemed natural and right to me and I promised him. I did not know that he was starting me on membership that night." Kim was sipping wine and just staring and wondering how it would have been for her. But the "membership" comment did not make sense. She had to ask what that meant and Ellie said "Kim. There is a secret club called the Alpha Organization. Greg is a member.I can't tell you everything about it but it has been the greatest thing in my life. Maybe it is the thing for you. Kim had to know more.

Ellie explained that the Alpha Organization was a group of black men and white women. It had started years ago as a secret group because of segregation and as things had changed it decide to stay under the radar. It was a networking group for black men, especially succesful men. But all men could join if they passed the screening requirements and were voted in. Kim asked why the term "alpha" and Ellie explained that modern science had proven that men came in two basic types:alpha and beta. Alpha men were superior in just about all ways and betas were programmed to serve the needs of the alphas. Ellie went on that the amazing thing was that a vast majority of the alphas were black and the betas were white. She said it was not felt to be 100% that way but close enough that T.A.O. had decide long ago to be only for black male alphas. The sad thing was that society had not caught up with this difference but she flet it would. Kim asked "What about women. Are we betas?" Ellie laughed. "It is different with women. Women are extensions of the men. That is why it is so important for white women to be with the black men. You can marry black or white. that does not matter. But you must BE with the black men. Sooner or later this will all go mainstream but for now it is a growing group all around the country and with a large group in our little hometown" . Kim was just stunned as she listened to this and tried to think back to a time when Ellie had gotten happier and seemed to be at peace. Now she knew why things had improved. She had to ask about Ron and whether he had any idea. Ellie got very serious "Kim, this group wants to change society in a positive way but knows they will have to go slowly. If you join as a married white woman you have to accept the rules and one of those is that your husband accepts things and is kept chaste. Sex is for the women and black men. Ron had trouble with it but when he realized he was inferior he just broke one day and accepted it. So he will serve food at meetings and run errands and he is ok with it. He must always show respect. It has saved our marriage but it was not easy. But it is the right thing. Kim was now smiling and said "So, you have cuckolded Ron. I never knew." Ellie also laughed and said "I like to think of this as cuckolding plus." Ellie then sipped her wine and thought a moment before speaking up. "Kim, it is not that easy to join and you have to be sponsored and have your husband accept total cuckolding and all of that. But I could arrange for you to meet with some people and come to a meeting without your husband. Remember, I asked you to keep an open mind." Kim was scared and excited and horny and all kinds of things. But she also knew that opportunities do not always last forever. She said very quietly "I would like that." Ellie nodded. She hoped she had not made a mistake by starting Kim down this path but she thought she was ready. She would be a bundle of nerves until that first meeting was finished. Kim was her best friend and she wanted this to work out for her.

End of Part 1