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The Alpha Male Complex

I think it's got a great deal to do with forces of nature that go way beyond simple understanding, but are no less biologically programmed than a desire to procreate: the survival of the species is something most if not all living creature are intrinsically coded to safeguard. Most obviously it is through sexual desires that are fulfilled through intercourse which by leading to impregnation and future offspring ensures your bloodline - and that of the human race - will live on. There are many aberrations to this genetic programmming (and sexual orientation other than hetero!) which you could be forgiven for thinking explains the huge number of white men that love black men/want to be cuckolded. We're just gay, right?

Well, there's of course an undeniable element of that - can't lust over and devote yourself to black cock without there being so haha - I think for alot of us on here, it can't be explained solely in those terms. I don't find white men even the least bit attractive. I, like many others n here, make special rules for the defiling of our ladies specifically for black men and black men alone. And I think that's where the alpha male complex comes in.

If you can't preserve the species through your own genetic line then your next best contribution to the survival of humanity, biologically speaking, is ensuring someone continues A genetic line. And from this perspective, we are fuelled by the desire to find the best possible mate, the alpha male, one which exhibits and embodies all the greatest qualities of manhood and masculinity, that will be the best possible mates. Look at how among every social pack animal there is an alpha male, the dominant male who has sole breeding priveliges and who the other males are devoted to. You see on all the nature shows how when an alpha is defeated in a challenge to his manhood there is nothing more shameful and humiliating.

In many ways, that is what being a cuckold-obsessed, black-cock worshipping white man is exactly about: shame, humiliating, self-deprecation as it is a complete surrender of our male pride and ego, but it is much more comparable to the subservient, satisfied, doting lesser males who are more in awe of the alpha than they are of the females, and gladly surrender their claim to them.

We are the lesser males, black men are our alphas. White men get a glorious release of self-satisfaction in bringing you to our pure white females.