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That Paula Dean Story . . .

We were brought up to forgive each other and that's what we should do ... No one is perfect in this world and people do deserve 2 chances so if Paula Dean asked me to Bang her then that's just what I would do bang every opening in all her orifices' for as long as the Day.....

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Some couples (IR) are into race play and racial talk in the bedroom... I have done that myself with some black and Asian women from time to time. If both dig it...

I suspect some black men who would fuck her might be surprised by her vocalizations during sex...
"Fuck me with your..." Last part rhymes with "rigger prick"

Paula Dean Says:


She would drop the N-Bomb during love making I would wager! In that context, it is up for grabs who would object to her exclamations in the heat of passion...

BTW, since you wonder, no... I would not do her. Nothing to do with the racial potty mouth, I am not into GILFs. Nothing wrong with GILFS, just not my cup of tea...

To all who would, ROCK ON AND HAVE FUN!


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You're lucky that after finding out she has diabetes, that she started cooking healthier now. :D
Be a shame to work up an appetite fucking her and then die of a heart attack from eating her old style of grub! :bounce:
Walmart did (I don't know if they still do now) sell Paula Deen cakes and pies. I'm assuming that what they sell is the pre-diabetes recipe.

As an aside, me and my wife were in Walmart a few hours before that story broke and we bought a Paula Deen apple pie. The next day my wife asked me if I had tried it and how was it, I told her it tasted good but when I stuck the knife in to cut it, the pie called me a n*****. Suffice to say, my wife doesn't appreciate my humor and didn't laugh. :oops:


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A question to the bulls in here: You're all familiar with Paula Dean and her blooper incident. I've just got to ask this: Would any of you bang her if she asked you to?
You were better off asking what people wouldn't bang. Some guys, not all, have absolutely no standards. Some would bang any female.

Personally speaking, I wouldn't have sex with her. It's not due to the recent controversy, it's more about me not being attracted to her. That's just me though.