That guy lol

Hello i'm Remedy and I've been very interested in cuckolds,threesomes,group sex,etc for a while now and never had the balls to react to it until now. There's something about the way sweat's dripping off one's face, running down the neck glistening in the light, caressing the body's figure and falling only to ripple onto the chest of another man/woman is a turn on to me.I'm 25, black, 6'7 and I enjoy living my life the way i believe i should live my life because you only get one and the last thing i want to do is regret something from my past. If it wasn't for the past I wouldn't be who i am today. I enjoy writing, music, talking with new people and making music.
mmmmhmmmm I'd happily tear the back of your throat open, grabbing the back of your hair and watching you perform an orchestrated blowjob with your mouth. i'm trying to figure out how to search for people in NC on here is that possible or do i just have to create a thread
Cool Cool yea ive been interested in being the bull for a while and its hard to fine people that are either "real" or serious about the matter. Its wild. Hopefully i'll get a better feedback being on here