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THADDEUS BLACK - The Devil Owns the Night


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The day has finally arrived … like I thought it never would.

The sequel to my first THADDEUS BLACK novel has been published. This erotic eBook has been seven months in the waiting. Had I been in the U.S., long ago, I know the work would have been up already. Homeland Security and a lot of racist white bois in Literotica where I go by the name Dsoul have probably been working at trying to hold me back 'cos they knew what I would be arriving with.

Back to this new eBook: THADDEUS BLACK - The Devil Owns the Night

It continues from where the last one stopped: The Devil Wears High Heels.

Thaddeus Black is knocked unconscious while about to get his rock on with a hot young slut and wakes up an hour later and finds out the blonde has been kidnapped … and he's the prime suspect. He's got a couple of hours to find the missing girl before the cops come after him. Now if you know or if you remember Thaddeus Black, you know how much he loves his white women and he's going to fuck as much white pussies he can get. This eBook is packed with plenty of action, intrigue … and plenty of hot sex from a randy young slut and her mom.


Thaddeus Black arrived at the apartment building some minutes past three. The sun was halfway in the sky; it wouldn’t be long before evening came. The place didn’t look that scary now as it had the previous time he’d been here. Maybe it was because it had been dark then, and he’d been looking out in case the fellow who’d clubbed him lurked around, waiting to club him again and take off with the cat. Sounded funny, but … you never know.
There were few college-looking folks hovering about, some entering the apartment building and others leaving. Mostly a lot of them were leaving with heavy bags slung across their shoulder, off to some holiday or whatever. He felt happy as he entered into the lobby that so far no one had seen him arrive or leave last night; hardly did anyone glance his way. Up the stairs he went till he stopped in front of the apartment door as he still remembered it, and knocked.
There was the sound of a lock turning and then the door inched open. Alice stood at the other side, holding a handkerchief in her hand; it was obvious she had been crying. She allowed Thad entrance into the apartment.
“Hello, Detective,” she spoke in a meek sounding voice, like she’d been yelling all day and suddenly had come down with a sore throat. Even the formal way she spoke to him, referring to him as ‘Detective’, when last night they’d been like friends who’d known each other long enough.
Alice led Thad to a chair while she sat down on a sofa with her legs curled under her, hugging a pink teddy bear in her arms. She wiped tears from her face and sniffled repeatedly. Thad took off his hat and placed it on his knee; he took out the photo album from his pocket too.
“Do you think …” a brief sniffle, “do you think anything bad might have happened to her?”
“I don’t know, Alice,” Thaddeus said with gentle caution, not wanting to spook her any more than she already was, the poor girl. “I was with her here last night when it happened. I’ll tell you the truth, I didn’t even see it happen. Someone hit me with something heavy and I passed out. When I woke up, I was the only one in here.”
She nodded her head as if such was how she too had reckoned it happened. “That’s a nasty bump on your head. I’m sorry.”
“Thanks. Alice, do you know of anyone who might want to do such to Kayla? Anyone at all?”
She shook her head emphatically, wiped off more tears from her eyes. “No. No, I don’t know of any. She’s such a sweet friend, everybody likes her.”
“What about past boyfriends? Was there anyone you know who was sort of violent towards her? Anyone at all who felt heartbroken and once thought of taking some type of revenge on her. Please think for me, it’s important.”
She kept shaking her head all the while he spoke, starting to cry again. “No, no, no …” she blubbered, raising her hands over her face “I swear, I don’t know. This whole thing is crazy. Why would anybody want to kidnap her? Why?”
Thaddeus left his chair and came and sat beside her and drew her to him. She let her teddy bear fall from her hands and rested her face against his chest, her body shaking from the bout of crying that raked her. Thad held her in his arms and tried to calm her down. He spoke into her ear, told her that everything would be just fine. Still she kept on crying. He didn’t realise in time that he was caressing her arm while he was petting her to stop crying, and that she now had hers which earlier had laid against his chest now was on his shoulder and moving like a snake around his neckline. Her face was inches from his; her crying fit had suddenly ceased.
What happened next between them happened just as natural as anything else.
Alice stretched her face towards his and kissed Thad’s lips. He didn’t respond at first, thinking that perhaps it was he who had done the wrong bit, but again their lips met, and this time it felt real. Alice came up on the sofa, her knee nearly crushing down Thad’s hat that lay on his knee as it too fell to the floor between his legs. He fell back on the sofas as Alice came upon him like a female lion about to pounce on a weak prey. Her hands grasped his jacket collar as she too fell on top of him, pressing her lower body against his. Thad’s erection awoke at an instant and began nudging itself inside his pants, even though it was still recovering from the pussy it had fucked less than forty minutes ago. His hands rubbed over the nubile young woman’s body and downward to feel over the curved hilltop that was the crest of her ass under her jeans. He slid his fingers underneath the waistband to get a feel of her panties. Alice was moaning feverishly while her lips remained engulfed with his.
They were gnawing at each other now. Their hands squeezed, groped and touched each other’s skin even as Thad struggled to seat up on the sofa, taking Alice along. She managed to straddle him, pressing her butt down on his crotch, under which lay hidden his erect muscle. Her hands loosened his tie and top buttons while his undid those of her jeans, giving his hands enough room to slid down the backside of her jeans to feel her buttocks’ flesh behind her panties. His jacket was hindering him, not to mention Alice still had her lips covered with his, not wanting to let go. She was succumbing to a pressing crave of lust, anything that might help block out the thought of her missing friend somewhere out there who might presently be going through some form of peril upon the hands on whoever had taken her.
Thad pushed up her shirt. Alice helped him, holding her shirt between her chin and neck while he freed her tits from behind the cups of her bra and caught one of them with his mouth and pulled at the same time sucked on it. Alice threw her head backward and gave out a sighing whimper. She roamed her petite waistline against him as if she were a gypsy belly-dancer, still grounded her butt against his crotch and even reached a hand behind her backside to grasp his burgeoning cock that was swollen inside his pants. Thad went from one pair of tit to the other. His hands nearly covered them—they weren’t as ample as her kidnapped best friend’s.
He pulled her up and she took his hand wanting to lead him towards the hallway and from there to the bedroom, but Thad stopped her in time. He didn’t want to return there again, didn’t want to relive the last image he’d had of her friend. Besides, he’d come here to interview her friend, not fuck her. But he’d blocked that off his mind—right now, he’d much rather fuck the nubile slut than think of doing anything else. He led her towards one of the window facing the side of the apartment which looked out to the street and the entrance into the compound. The curtains partly covered the window except for the mild breeze stirring them. Thaddeus made her lean forward against it. His hands worked to free his belt buckle, followed by the top button then zipper of his fly while Alice finished undoing the remaining buttons of her jeans and shoved it along with her panties down her thighs; the centre parting of her pussy slit faced him and she wiggled her buttocks as if urging him to hurry up and come fuck it. Thaddeus freed his rigid willy and stroked it as he fell to his knees and buried his face between her ass cheeks. Alice stiffened, her body pushed forward at first upon contact from his tongue. She recovered quickly and pushed her ass back at him. Thad’s hands spread her ass cheeks apart like an open bread, the glory of her teenage pussy glared at him like the inside of an oyster shell; his nostrils inhaled the sweet, musing smell that was her cunt. Alice reached a hand underneath to part her pussy’s wet vagina for him. Thad didn’t need further invitation. His tongue probed her orifice, side to side, up and down, his lower lips sucked on her. Alice leaned her head halfway out her window, letting the sun’s glare fall on her hair, though her eyes remained closed to the tingling sensation she was receiving from behind; her answering moans made it known that he was doing an excellent job. Thad licked her pussy deep with his tongue, still holding her ass cheeks apart even as her buttocks and legs shook from the slurping action he gave her.
Thaddeus licked her cum juice which had now coated his lips and stood up, holding his meat in his hand and held her still as he aimed the swollen knob between the centre parting of her ass cheeks; the sight of her tanned ass with the strange curlicue tattoo stamped over her waistline was lovely and breath-taking. He held his breath as his cock encountered some tight resistance as it pushed further between the fleshy lips of her cunt. Alice felt herself stiffen once again and she too exhaled a whistling type of sigh as more and more of him went inside her. Thad stopped halfway then withdrew, then gave his cock one more gentle thrust. He went like this for a couple more times, each time his cock slipped in easily into her cunt till it was practically touching the walls of her cervix. Alice tightened her grip on the window sill as she too helped out pushing her ass back and forth against him. His shaft was now coated with streak of her cum. A couple more thrusts later and Alice was squealing from the pain of his cock impaling her. her features were squeezed in grotesque grimace as she bite on her lips not to be forceful with her cries which seemed to escape her tight-bound lips like the whistling cry coming from a kettle’s spout that’s been heated with water. She felt like she was on fire, every part of her burned with lust and shameless longing.

“Ohhh … Awhhhh … God! Ohhh my God!”
She hoped that no one leaving the building could hear her, and also that no one could see her. Everything seemed double before her eyes. She wanted to scream aloud but every time she tried, what issued from her lips came as a croak. This was the second time between yesterday and this evening she was getting well fucked. When Pimp Zee had taken her in his bed last night, she thought she’d died and gone to heaven. This too was another trip around the Pearly Gates for her.
Thaddeus had let his jacket slip from his arms and lay on the floor behind him while his pants and jockey briefs was down his ankle. He grabbed her waistline and was now slamming her cunt harder with each grunt. He needed to finish this young slut quick—God, how he now loved young pussy. Her cries filled the room, he cared less if that was the sound of her cumming or if it was his cock size inflicting further damage upon her.
He looked up at the roof; everything was starting to spin before him. He was burning up … he felt the moment of explosion a mere ticking seconds away … his eyes looked out the window and sighted on the trio of police cars pulling into the driveway of the apartment compound.
Oh shit, the police!
Thad pulled his cock out of her pussy and at the last minute, stream of semen poured out of his knobbed head staining the backside of her legs. Alice hadn’t expected that to happen. She looked over her shoulder at him, a dazed yet questioning look on her face as she was struggling with her flushed breathing.
“Wha—what happened?” she gasped.
“Go into your room now and get dressed,” Thad growled at her at the same time grabbed her arm and pulled her away from the window, hopping the cops hadn’t sighted her yet. “The cops are here!”

Master Phil.