Tha Alpha Organization-Part 6

The Alpha Organization-Part 6

It was two days prior to the next meeting and Kim was getting excited. She had been using the black dildo and Rick was completely cut off from any possible sex. The previous day had been another big step. She had left the dildo on the nightstand and as she went out for her day she casually asked Rick to freshen up her bedroom and "Would you mind cleaning up my friend for me? I left instructions. Thanks honey." She then walked out knowing that Rick would see the black dildo covered with her dried secretions. When she returned that evening she had acted disinterested but she eventualy got to the room and saw the dildo laid out on the bed on a small towel. It was shiny and clean. At that moment she knew deep in her heart that Rick had reached a new point. Without actually thinking about it he had acceptted the idea that the black dildo was more of a man than he was. Kim was thrilled. This was what Ellie had told her would happen. Now they just needed to substitute a real man.

The meeting was orchestrated perfectly. Ellie came over the day before and made sure to talk to Kim as she was asking Rick to run for the drinks. She told Kim that she was planning to go to a meeting that was for business networking and she wanted Kim to go along. She acted like she was begging Kim and Kim finally spoke out to Rick and asked him "Rick, could you keep yourself busy with a few jobs around here if I go with Ellie?" Rick seemed to have that puzzled, very slightly concerned look on his face but with a slight reluctance said "sure". Kim and Ellie exchanged knowing smiles. Rick was following the script perfectly. TAO had found that once the cuckold was cut off from sex and had accepted what they called "the dildo challenge", the rest followed as a natural progression of his desire and even need to step aside and be cuckolded.

Kim had bought another dress for the event. She knew that her look was important and this was a halter top dress in white. It had a built in bra but the outlines of her nipples were slightly visible as was cleavage. She had had her hair done and looked gorgeous. Rick could not help but notice and commented "Kim. You look great. But is that a little fancy for a meeting like this?" Kim answered slowly and said to him "This meeting is important for Ellie and she is my best friend. There are people there that she thinks could help her with some business ideas she has so you know the deal. Dress to impress." Rick seemed to be drooling at this point with desire for his wife who had become off limits to him. He was not sure how all of this had happened so fast. He followed up "What group is this and who are the people?" Kim smiled at him and answered the question she had anticipated with the answer she had prepared for this moment. "This is a real exclusive private group. It is made up of African-Americans who are trying to promote business for members of the group. Ellie really admires these people and it all makes sense to me so I hope I can be of help." Kim saw the look on Rick's face. He was actually frightened. He seemed to be at a loss for words. He finally was able to voice his concerns with a whisper "Kim. That makes me nervous. Your 'friend' is black too and you look so hot right now. Aren't you worried that one of the men will hit on you?" Kim acted offended and said to Rick "Rick. Are you saying that because you want some excuse to try and find some woman?" Rick immediately denied it and Kim said "That is good because one thing I want to be clear on is that you can feel free to masturbate watching the movies or whatever because I know you are not really right for real sex. But I expect nothing else. Agreed?" Rick hurried to agree and seemed to be cut off when he tried to tell her that he wanted real sex. That she had misunderstood him. But he held off on talking further about it. After all he was tiny and the movies had shown both of them what a real man could look like and do. Rick was in a corner with no way out and Kim was in control. Total control. Kim then followed up at the exact moment. "Rick, I would think that if one of these men that are so impressive would hit on me that you would be proud. I would think most men would want a wife that attracts some attention. In fact, I doubt anyone would be interested in me. Why would men like that want to hit on me when they could have any white housewife they wanted?" Kim tried to act casual as she said this but she knew Rick's response was critical. She had gotten to this moment with the help of Ellie and the other people at TAO. This step would be Rick's. He would have to go through the door of his own cuckolding and once on the other side she would shut it forever. But the initial decision had to be his. The group had made that clear to her. She waited and Rick finally spoke up "I didn't mean it like that. Of course, I would be proud if somebody was interested in you. You are gorgeous and I love you. Whatever happens would never change that." Kim smiled to herself. Rick was going to be just fine. She could almost see his tattoo now. The doorbell rang with Ellie there and as she left she put her arms out as if to display her body and said "Tease and Please". She then left and her mind went to thinking about more important men.

She arrived at the meeting with Ellie and was greeted by a white servant boy. This was a large home and when she went in she saw that this was a party and not the more formal meeting. Ellie smiled and said "Surprise. You have reached a new point and this is alittle celebration. There were a number of black men and white women in various groupls. Some were dancing on a wood floor and some were off in the corners. All of a sudden Kim felt two hands encircle her waist. It was J. Without thinking and in the most natural way she turned to him and before she knew what happened they were kissing. Ellie laughed in the background. The next hour was a whirlwind of wine drinking and dancing with J and finally sitting on a couch and talking to him. He was a gentleman. He was more than Rick in every possible way. Kim found herself telling J about Rick and her frustrations and how the last two months had gone. The conversation just was so easy for her and finally he stood up and without talking extended his hand. Kim took it and meekly followed him upstairs. J opened a door and a beautiful bedroom with candlelights was there. Kim was thinking of J. Rick was nothing. The two kissed and J gently reached up and stroked Kim's breasts. She was panting as he slowly stripped her and he then held her out in front of him smiling. Kim very slowly undid J's belt and slowly stripped him. She eventually saw him in all of his glory. To say he was bigger than Rick was an understatement. He was magnificent. J slowly pushed on her and Kim willingly went to her knees. She looked up in awe as a large black cock slowly approached her mouth and she opened. Something that she would never do for Rick. And J guided into her. He talked slowly and instructed her on how he wanted to be pleased and she wanted to please him. She thought she would gag but she did not and she shocked herself by deepthroating him. J spoke to her as he looked down at her beautiful face with his cock buried in it all the way and said "Black only from now on Kim. Now just relax and work your mouth. You are going to be just fine." He then slowly started fucking her face. He was using her in this way and she loved it. Part of Kim felt that she should be ashamed or gagging but the truth was she loved the chance to be with such a man and the chance to please him. He started speeding up and she started to respond. She was really going now and after a bit she felt his hands hold her head and he discharged into her mouth and throat. J pulled out after what seemed like an eternity and he slowly wiped his cock all over her face. He was marking her as his. She was accepting everything that was about him. Finally the cock was pulled back and Kim fell back on her haunches. She looked up at J with a smile. A glistening smile as her entire face was covered with his cum. He smiled back and patted her head. He leaned over and whispered in her ear. "You are my little baby. Now you go clean off that pretty face and come to bed with me. I am not done." Kim almost ran to the bathroom and washed her face although part of her wanted to take her trophy home. She then came back into the room and saw J in the bed. She pulled the sheets up and snuggled with him. Her hand instinctively reached for him and she felt him already hardening. This would be a wonderful night.

End of Part-6