Telling Your Wife/GF Pt. 3


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1. Give Her Room

It is essential that though the thought of wanting your woman to cuckold you would/might hit with something that feels like the weight or impact of a nuclear device going off in your head, you must try as much as you can to remain calm about. Even when bringing the subject up with the wife/GF, try as hard as you can not to let your excitement about the topic percolate to the level where she’ll be reading signals on your brow and thinking maybe you’re having a fever.
For some couples, introducing the cuckold idea to their spouse might be like a walk in the park, don’t expect it to be the same with you, especially if your woman is the sort you already presume is going to treat the subject much like you wanting her to take a gun to her head and pull the trigger. But let’s say you’ve managed to insert the idea into her head: you’ve crossed the threshold of telling her—suggesting to her—this new thing you’ve love for you both to go into, expect some resistance to the subject, but like I said in an earlier chapter, simply because she’s said no, is not reason to think the idea is vetoed. It’s during this junction you must give your woman some measurable space for her to breath and think things through, to let the idea further sink into her mind. Say perhaps you’ve told her about it right now, watch her closely as you tell it to her and gauge her reaction to your carefully chosen words. She might seem hesitant, piqued or perplexed by this idea you’ve brought up, and yet at the same time, a tiny part of her will as well be intrigued by it. Especially since you’ve long already begun showing her hints and subtle ideas about what it is you’d like her to know about. Yes, she will remember the numerous times you and her had watched with excitement the various interracial porn flicks … she will take into account the black dildos you bought her and how you frequently apply them to her when in bed. Now that you’ve made your point about it, quickly insert something that might sound like a leeway. For example:
Honey, I know this is something you least expect to hear me say, and I know you might seem confused about it … I’d like if you could just tell me that you’d think about it. You don’t need to make a decision now … But I want you to know that I love you, and it would mean a lot to me if we share this thing we have together. Just you and me. Just promise me you’ll think about it, okay?
Once you’ve done said that, give her a kiss and don’t utter any word about the subject … unless of course she does. Leave her enough room to think about it. How much time you give depends, but keep watching her for any subtle changes in her attitude since when you told her about it. Make love to her again and see if any change has come upon her. This next time of sex, hit her up with as much compliments, more than what you’re prone to pelt her with. Lengthen your foreplay with her, and while you’re playing with her pussy, pause every now and then to murmur something sweet and tender to her … and if the mood feels ripe, you can re-introduce the line about her beautiful she looks and how she’s so beautiful, hardly any black man would ever want to turn her down.
Although some wives might still prove resistant to this tactic. If after a long while she’s yet brought up or mentioned anything about what you told her about, then you may bring the subject up with her. All the more reason for you to keep dropping subtle hints: Buy magazines that feature black men on the front cover, pretend while you’re reading it that there’s something exciting about the guy, and the leave the magazine and see if she’ll pick it up to read. Get yourself some erotic interracial literature and drop around the bed. Something is bound to make her open up, even if she does so out of frustration. The point is give her as much room to think things through, but NEVER GIVE UP on your goal.

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