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Tell your cuck hubby how much you love him

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to appreciate how lucky we are. I see marriages ruined by cheating spouses which makes me realize just how great my marriage is. I feel so fortunate that I met my hubby many years ago. I was a shy teenager, 18 years old, very limited sexual experience, but I had a huge imagination desiring things that I could never do. I knew that no man would ever want me because of those desires. I met hubby through a friend and the chemistry was intense. His openness to share fantasies, and to share with my what he had done with guys, helped me express my desires too. It truly was a match made in heaven. We were only married 6 months when we entertained our first man. We did know what we were doing was cuckolding, but it was. With each new man we both wanted more and more. It was years later when we went black only, but that brought both of us to the ultimate in sexual intensity that we were searching for.

Throughout our 45 years, hubby has been the ultimate in providing me with a wonderful family, security, protection, a beautiful home, and yes with men, many men and any sexual desire I have.

Thank you honey. I truly love you!!
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