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I've been so horny lately, more than ever. I think is because of all this pics and stories I'm reading here.

Yesterday I went to a bar, I was wearing a small skirt, heels and no undies. I was feeling so hot.

I met my husband and there was a couple of his friends with him. I sat in front of the couple, from time to time my legs were spread. The guy noticed it, I guess he didn't know that I wanted him to look at me. He sat on the right of his wife and in front of me. It was amazing to see how nervous I was turning him everytime he caught me with my legs spread. Since I had no undies he had a wonderful view of my pussy. His breathing was faster, he was cleary nervous and I was opening my legs each time more. He stopped to talk because he couldn't concentrate.

It was turning me so on! I wanted him to finger me but the girlfriend was there and she didn't notice anything. At a point I saw a black guy who was sat in the other table looking at me too. His wife was sat in front of him, but she couldnt see me.

I wanted both guys, noticing the way they were looking at my crotch, getting turned on, wanting it was such a wonderful feeling. In my mind I was thinking how hot it would be to have both guys touching me and stroking themselves there at bar, in front of their wives. I could see myself sucking both their cocks and their fingers in my wet pussy which was now soooo hot and wet.

The wife said he wanted to go home and the guy was like "no babe, I want to stay more, let's enjoy our friends" and she replied: "You didnt even want to come and said you wouldnt stay here longer, why do you want to stay now?" He just smiled at me.

Finally we all got up and left. My husband was the happy recipient of a lot of hot fucking that night, but he had no idea I was thinking of the two men in bar the whole time.