Taught how BBC enjoy white women

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    Since my intro to BBC then having a regular one on one session and sometimes two magnificent black lovers(hubby now knows)we sat down and they discussed what they would like to do to me and how they would own me on days they visit, several days later I received a parcel and found the most erotic underwear and makeup I have ever seen with a note telling me how to dress and what was expected from my hubbys then a phone call telling me to practice and be ready Friday night.

    Steve was so exited and did as he was told he was the waiter and cook I got ready and must say I looked just like a slut and felt like one , I heard the door knock and Steve greetd Sam and when I went down there were four of them Sam came over and kissed me I instantly felt myself get wet he showed me to his friends and told them I was to do anything they wanted.

    We drank Steve served them drinks and I was psassed to each man for a kiss and what ever they wanted one sucked my nipples another fingered my ass and so on slowly each took there clothes of and I was then standing with five very black naked men ,then one bent me over ripped my knickers of and started to lick my ass and then told me to suck another mans cock who was sitting in the chair and that was the start of my night of total domination by black men it never stopped I was fucked in every hole and made to drink so much cum , then one told me he wanted me to drink his piss Sam just told me to do it very hesitantly and I could see Steve not happy but I was in there control so I took hold of his cock and sucked until I could feel warm liquid oozing out but strangly I was turned on and accepted his piss with ease maybe as they only drank beer it was like drinking warm water ,then final act was I got fucked in each hole at the same time boy that is different and total turn on. I need to thank my hubby for introducing me to BBC and to the BBC I have now made friends with
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    Very nice. I'm happy you all seem to have enjoyed it and that you will continue to do so in the future.
    This because I am assuming that when Steve and Sam realized you were enjoying having your limits pushed, they were both OK with it.

    As it fringes slightly on a an extreme theme and is not actually a "story" in as much as an accounting of a real experience, I am moving it to the "Extreme Alternative Interracial Sex" forum.

    Please add more as your experiences occur.
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    Great moment.Thank you to share.Cuck hubby is lucky to have a wife so slut for blacks
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    I must admit that black men have a way of getting me to do things I never imagined.