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Real Person
I've seen threads here, asking if anybody has ever met and hooked up with someone from this site. I've only been a member for a little over 2 weeks and my wife already got some from here.

I dropped her off, Tuesday evening at one of the nicest hotels in Fort Worth, where she met dcrgbat in his room and she spent the night enjoying his fine, black cock. She really enjoyed his lovemaking style and his stamina. She has been going after younger men lately because men our age have trouble keeping up with her. Even though he is only a few years younger than us, he was able to give it to her really well.

He managed to be assertivebut not pushy, caring, and sensual at the same time. She loves the way he kisses and the way he fucked her. She is looking forward to the next time she gets to be with him. All you other ladies who get a chance to meet him should go for it.

We were hoping to get together Wednesday night so i could watch and take pictures, but that didn't work out. All the pictures we have were taken by dgrbat, with Tammy's camera. Here are a couple:
Tammy's Favorite From Behind.JPG
My favorite After anal.JPG
Thanks for the compliments.

I have to add that Tammy is very real and is a great kisser as well. I also love to taste her very sweet pussy. Love the piercings and tat. Guys if given the opportunity you should meet her as she is very sensual and a lady with slut tendencies. As stated she was dropped off at my hotel and we had a great time. The pics were snapped by me. We had a great time and I look forward to my next trip as we have a few fantasies to cross of of the list.

She is very real. This is part of the discussion we had. Some ladies on here are not true to what they state, but Tammy is very real and a lady of her word.

Love the sexy heels and the thong.

Don (dcrgrbat)