Tall White Wimp

Divorced, Tall Straight Weak White male Wimp, 48, and 6' 7" tall with Unathletic 218 lb. frame and Unsatisfying where it counts. Like so many other weaker white men ... i have LOST my wife to The Superior and Eminent Black Lord Master Kings of the world 4-1/2 years ago ... and, in the most humiliating manner possible. Previously, had LOST girlfriends to Black throughout HS, College & beyond ... and tried to ignore Their obvious SUPERIORITY as The Master Race. Now, as a str* white male Wimp i understand BLACK SUPREMACY and white inferiority much better. i pay homage, Serve & Submit to my Black Superiors as a Servant & Supporter of The Black Ruled Future. i continue to be intimidated BY the Raw Masculinity of Black Men and RESPECT Their Masterful rule over white women in the world today. Hoping to meet like-minded friends.
i might just follow u tall white wimp
Yes, Sir. Yes, Lord. That alone would be a great honor to have Your Eminent Blackness allow me to follow You in return, Sir. Thank You, once again, Lord Sir. May i ask Your true height as well, Sir?... although it does not matter i have been intimidated and RESPECTFUL of Superior Black Men and Black Masculinity who were more than a foot shorter than i am as well ... and my Obedience is truly always there, Sir.
any other questions TWW
No, Sir ... Not at this time, Lord Sir ... Well, perhaps there are other things i would not mind knowing, Sir ... such as how Your Black Eminence would like me to address You, or Your name, Sire ... Also, it would a privilege to know how Your Supreme Blackness feels about how You & Your Younger Black Superiors 'seem to' be so much Bossier to us white males these days .. and if it is truly on purpose because You/ They sense our weakness and intimidation Sir? ... How old were You, Sir .. when You first began being "bossier" to us?... i ask because .. when i was at a mall this past summer .. a Young Black maybe HS Teen age was walking towards the same store i was .. and i felt compelled to hold the door open for Him, Sir ... and it just was so OBVIOUS that He walked in 'slow motion' on purpose .. taking His time as i stood there holding the door open for His Superiority ... i felt so weak .. and His eyes met mine for a second and i instinctively just 'bowed' my head and put my eyes to the floor .. when He said "good boy" i never fell over .. and i just fled - ran away and didn't enter the store myself, Sir. ... Do You, Lord, have that same affect on us white men? Have You always since a younger age too? Thank You, Sir.