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Hot Wife Fantasy

Please note, the following is ONLY a fantasy:

The new neighbors move in across the street. They're a beautiful family in their early 40's. Mom, dad, 3 beautiful daughters. The mom/wife looks strangely familiar....as do the daughters. You've seen them somewhere. Where? You get to know them. He's an executive at a law firm, she's a part time receptionist and homemaker. They're daughters are about to start their sophomore year in college at FSU. WHERE have you seen the mom/wife and daughters.

You kind of watch them every weekend. The dad kisses his wife and daughters as they leave. They're dressed rather...provocatively as the dad/husband smiles and waves them off. You think it strange all 3 girls and mother are wearing tight, short skirts with really nice, sexy heels. The mother especially is odd...wearing a strange anklet...and tattoo on her ankle.

Sunday night comes and they return as the dad/hubby embraces all of them. What on earth? That night....you log on to "blacktowhite.net" and scroll through the pics and videos. You can't believe it.....NO WAY. The mother/wife and all three daughters are really bbc sluts.