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    I know I have see one or two posts on here regarding this topic, but I am unable to find them to verify and ask my questions so I am creating a new one. Sorry about the added post.

    My question is can anyone clarify what the meanings of the following symbols are?

    imagesJARMD29H.jpg tumblr_static_cipaezfdwb48k0w0088gs8ggs.png untitled.png
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    One on the right is the Jack Of Spades, sometimes worn by subservient married men who share their wives with black men.
    The other 2, beats me as to their significance.
    Possibly the middle one is symbolic for a "bitch" that's interested only in sex with black men. At least that would seem logical.
    The one on the left, with the lipstick, appears it could be a variation of "I love black".
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