"Sweeheart...why are you crying?"

jasmine-001.jpg jasmine-001.jpg "...oh mom. Over the Spring semester at college, I lost my virginity to...what they call...BBC. I became so popular after that. I got invited to all these parties with black guys. I had sex with 3-4 at once. They all treated me like....a dirty fuck slut. I kind of liked it. I told my youth pastor about it when I got back. He said I need to repent and seek God. What do you think?

"Ah....my baby-girl. I'm not ashamed...I couldn't be MORE proud. You go ahead and let those bbc's fuck you silly. Be their whore." "Really mom? You're not...angry?" "Of course not, sweety. We'll have to get a new ward- robe for you, though. Have you dress like the slut you are." "Like...what...mom?" "You know...tight jeans that show of your ass, tight t-shirts, sexy wedges and heels." "Really? You'd let me dress that way?" "of course." "Oh...I love you mom...thanks for your support."