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    We are a couple in the mid 30s looking for a BBC in Sweden. We have been together for a long time and we are confident and committed to each other. However we are willing to explore something new when it comes to sex. I have recently suggested to my partner that she can have sex with other men, black guys only, and she agreed.

    She had others before me but never a black man. The only thing is that it is quite a challenge to find someone and that is why I am posting here. We are discrete and private in this but would love to see if there are any one willing to make contact.

    My partner is a brunette, slim and petite and quite a catch if I may say so. Hope to hear from someone!
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    Am more than willing to take ur wife on, and give her virgin taste of a bbc, let's discuss possibilities, am in South Africa Pretoria and travel a lot
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    I can recommend Black mans fan club in London.
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    Well if your going to come to London, you should come and say hello