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    Today I've been at the SW Music Festival in London and I don't think I have ever seen so many hot girls in one place - or so many gorgeous white girls with Black guys!

    As the British summer feels like its drawing to a close and with a national holiday tomorrow, the SW Festival is one of the two big events that mark the end of London's summer - along with the Notting Hill Carnival.

    I was at SW today with friends and the weather did not disappoint - hot sun, great DJs, banging tunes and what felt like every hot girl in London out looking absolutely gorgeous and having a good time! This was absolute heaven for a girl worshipper: with the sun in the sky, all the girls were dressed sexily - with the tiny little daisy dukes look which I love being by far the most popular showcasing an array of beautifully shaped rear views! I couldn't even count the number of blondes and brunettes, or all the beautiful faces, or all the long legs, or all the taut, exposed navels.

    What really struck me was just how many Black male / white female couples there were. It felt like everywhere I looked there was a gorgeous white girl with a Black guy. But the sighting of the day was on the path into the park when there came walking towards me a tall, big-built, dark-skinned Black guy with a shaved head and gold ear-rings. By his side was an absolute knock-out white girl who I guessed to be in her early twenties.

    She was about 5 foot 9, with long, browney-blonde hair and a beautiful face. She looked like a model. She was wearing a cut-off vest top exposing all of her taut, creamy smooth tummy, and the tiniest, tightest pair of pale denim daisy dukes. She had the longest, smoothest, tan legs - and as the couple walked past me I turned to see the most beautiful ass that you could ever imagine with a tantalising portion of her perfectly formed cheeks on display beneath the cut-offs. Oh my god - what a sighting and what a day, proving once again London's total interracial prowess!
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    Thats one of the many reasons that we, after so many years away, still miss the greatest city in the world.
    That and the fact that 3 of my wifes exs still live there!!!
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