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  1. Suzy Q

    Suzy Q New Member

    I believe myself to in reality be a whore who has lived a repressed life to date.

    I am ready to be used and abused roughly and ready to accept very large girthed males.

    I am prepared to perform oral and swallow, I will accept anal and of course anything else asked of me.

    It is understood that fantasy thoughts might be necessary (my husband likes this and I assume other men also do) and I am prepared to indulge any subjects without hesitation no matter how much some might feel were inappropriate.

    My avatar shows my husbands cock and as you can see it isnt exactly what I am craving now.

    I would be pleased to hear from anyone, any sex, any age and of any size for contact, chat and possible arranged meeting in the UK.

    Please feel free to teach me and ask me to perform any sexual act that might please you.

    Thank you.
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  2. Dud

    Dud Active Member


    I'm a down to earth, genuine black guy who has
    a soft spot for women. Guess its a
    combination of things really - your sassyness,
    friendliness, directness, approach to
    life and sexy accent of course.After reading
    your advert what you need is passionate
    steamy, driven, discreet, sexual lust just for
    the fun of it...No strings, no
    boredom just intense passion, desire and
    appreciation of each other but also respect
    and understanding.

    Feel free to contact me on
  3. dcrgrbat

    dcrgrbat Member

    Ready? Close to London?
  4. Suzy Q

    Suzy Q New Member

    I sent you an email and added you to my messenger

    thank you
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