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One day recently I decided to surprise my wife with a lunch time visit. I almost never make it home for lunch due to the distance from my office, but this day I had some extra time so drove home. I got home but my wife wasn't there or at least she didn't respond when I called her name. I thought that the one day I was going to surprise her, she had gone out. As it turns out it was to be a surprise for both of us.

As I walked into the living room I could her sounds which seemed to be coming from our bedroom so I walked quietly to the doorway where I was met with a total shock. There on our bed, my wife was getting fucked by a black man and it was clear that she was enjoying it immensely. I stood back out of the doorway and tried to figure out what to do, how to react.

The sounds of their lovemaking filled the room and I was sure this wasn't a first time thing. They were obviously very comfortable with each other and I knew then that I had walked in on an ongoing affair.

I peered around the corner again. Her lover was a big, muscular man and quite a bit younger than her. He was fucking her from behind and I watched as her tits swayed from his thrusts. I couldn't see his cock but I knew from her reactions that she was being penetrated very deeply. I couldn't have imaged my wife being taken in such an erotic situation. She always was quite reserved sexually.

I listened to her as she came several times and finally her lover grunted and released his load. I wondered if he was using a condom or if she was letting him cum inside her. As he pulled out and lay beside her I could see his cock was bare and slick from her juices. Not only that, it was huge!

As they lay there recovering, I quietly slipped back outside and drove back to my office, not quite sure what I had just witnessed or what to do about it. Strangely I had to go to the men's room and jack off as my mind played the scene out over an over again.