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    Not long ago I came home early from a business trip and got one hell of a shock from my wife. I’d set my suitcase down and heard noises upstairs, so I decided to investigate. What I saw floored me. Through the partially open bedroom door I saw my 37 year old wife and my son’s 19 year old black friend having sex. My wife was wearing a pair of black stockings, garters, heels and nothing else. The boy was naked.

    My wife was busy sucking his cock, which was pretty big. She vigorously bobbed her head up and down while he kept telling her how good she was at sucking cock. He squeezed her tits with one hand while stroking her pussy with the other. When he told her he was going to give her a load of come, she went wild. She squealed around his cock as he said, “Oh yeah, baby, that’s it. Swallow it all.”

    When she finally finished swallowing, she rose up off his cock and he rolled her onto her back and got between her legs. Then he went down on her. He licked and sucked her for several minutes, using his fingers to speed things along until she shuddered and came. Then he kissed and licked his way up her body till he was on top of her, and together they guided his cock into her pussy.

    She moaned deeply as he entered her and began thrusting in and out. They both became vocal as they went, running their mouths and hands all over each other. Next he pushed her legs up in the air and they really got into it for about 15 minutes before coming together. She received his second load deep inside her pussy.

    As he rolled off her, I crept back downstairs and out the door. I waited an hour and then came back, pretending I hadn’t seen a thing.

    I haven’t told my wife what I saw yet, and I’m not sure that I will, since it turned me on so much. I think I’ll wait and see what she gets up to the next time she thinks I’m away!
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    Great story! Got me hot and hard....
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    My wife told me that she would love to be fucked by a young guy.