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I usually work until 6 p.m., but I came home early one day around 3:30 in the afternoon and saw our son’s friend’s car parked in the driveway. I didn’t really think anything of it, and as I went toward the house, I saw the basement light was on. I walked up and looked inside to see my 42 year old wife and Damon, a young black man and one of our son’s friends, sitting on the couch. They were talking in low voices, and then he suddenly grabbed her, but she shook her head “no.” He let her go, and they each had a drink, and then he grabbed her again. This time, she didn’t struggle.

My first impulse was to help my wife, because Damon had his arms wrapped securely around her and was leaning over her menacingly. And then they kissed. I was speechless!

They were each struggling for the upper hand, and my wife’s medium length skirt kept shifting until it was up around her thighs. Damon slipped a hand under her skirt and even from my position outside I could hear my wife’s moan of pleasure. I knew I should stop them, but I couldn’t move. I just stared as his hands stroked her thighs and her whole body went limp as she gave in to the pleasure.

He undid her blouse and opened her front closure bra. He squeezed and pulled her nipples, making her cry out. Then he ran his hand up her skirt again, and the next thing I knew, he was tugging her red panties down her shapely thighs and removing them. After that, he quickly stripped, exposing his long, hard black cock. Then he pushed my wife’s skirt up, revealing her bare cunt.

My wife told him that if they were going to fuck, he had to wear a rubber. He protested a bit, but rolled one on.

I was beside myself with excitement as he pushed the huge head of his cock into my wife’s cunt, then pushed in the rest more quickly. The sofa shook as he began lunging into her, and she moaned and groaned with each of Damon’s inward thrusts.

Damon was now fucking my wife with a steady motion, but he slowed down after a while and complained that fucking her with the rubber really sucked and he wanted to do it just once without the condom. I realized then that they must have fucked before, probably multiple times, and I felt my dick throb with excitement.

“We can’t,” my wife said. “I don’t want to get pregnant.”

“I promise to pull out,” Damon assured her. Famous last words, I thought as I watched. “Please, let me take it off,” he begged. “Just this once.”

“All right,” my wife conceded. “But you better pull out before you come.”

I couldn’t believe it! She was going to let him fuck her without a rubber! I knew damn well that he wouldn’t pull out and that he’d shoot his come inside her. She should have known it, too.

He peeled off the condom and then slid inside her, bareback. She moaned and groaned as the kid really pummeled her. I thought the couch would break with the force of their fucking, they were going at it so hard.

I knew Damon wouldn’t be able to hold out very long in her tight cunt, and suddenly they both began panting. When my wife came, sure enough, Damon did, too. And just like I’d thought, he shot his load inside her, flooding her pussy until some of his come started to run back out. He kept fucking her the whole time, thrusting into her until every drop of come was in her belly.

As he pulled out of her, I watched his semen run out of her pussy as she lay there gasping. I pulled my rigid cock out of my pants and shot my own load onto the floor.


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Thats how I found out my wife liked blacks came home and she was on her knees topless sucking this hugeblack guy found out he was football player in college and she met him as his tutor they continued to see each other after college. Seeing how good she was sucking his big cock explained how easy she deep throated me.

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