Surprise birthday gift

I am happily married. In the past I was a bit naughty, loved to play around and party. Still do... but with my career and family life it has it's restrictions.

It was my birthday last year, my last year in my twenties. I love surprises and I asked my husband to have my day filled with surprises - no gifts - just entertainment. My husband doesn't really like surprises himself but I could tell he was getting unusually excited about my birthday. The day before my BIG 29th year old birthday he took me to a really nice hotel, and told me we couldn't sleep in for long since he had the entire day planned out - though most of it would stay within the walls of the hotel. This hotel has it all, nice spa, restaurants and such but I could tell he meant something else. I felt liberated being away from the home, relaxed and excited.

I woke up around 10ish. My husband was tying me to bed, kissing me and smiling, "happy birthday love - your birthday gift will be arriving soon". He tied my arms across the bed and legs, then he kissed me and said "I love you so much" before putting a blind fold on me. I was feeling anxious.

I felt my heart pounding harder - I had no clue what was about to happen. I hear someone knocking on the door. My husband opens the door and lets them in, I can hear two other voices (men voices). I am stressed out, but excited at the same time and starting to feel horny only wearing my G-string and tied to bed. Is my husband fulfilling my fantasy?

"Mmmmm, she is very sexy - love those hips!", "Hey darling how are you?" "Happy birthday", one of the voices says... "my name is Jay"...

Much deeper voice says: "and I am Gary". I can hear them taking their clothes of. "Are you ready to play?" Gary says.

"Yes - I am ready" I say.

"Happy birthday" my husband says

I am so excited, feeling wet already, haven't even been touched - and I cannot see anything. At the same time I am freaking out...

Jay starts to touch me, he touches my thighs and slides his hand up to my vagina, and slides his hand under my g-sting feeling how wet I am.

He stars licking me up my stomach towards my boobs, I am not wearing any bra. I can feel Gary on the other side of the bed, getting ready - probably touching himself.

"Fuck your sexy" he says while I can hear him masturbating... Jay slides down my g-string and starts licking me. Mmmmm... it feels good.

I can feel the other guy Gary coming closer .. he starts kissing me, "can you take this - blindfolded" he says and I can feel his cock in my mouth. Mmmmm... I like it - it's crazy sexy - I have two guys all over me right now - and another one in the room.

I am getting wetter, Gary's cock is huge. He is putting it deeper inside my mouth - down my throat almost. But I love it! I am groaning and starting to get orgasm. I am deep throating Gary now, while Jay is working his magic down there... I have no power though, tied up to the bed and I have no clue who these guys are! Completely clueless... but too horny to worry or even think about it.

I cannot hold it anymore and I get an orgasm! Too fucking horny! Fuck! Now Jay slams his cock at my clitoris giving me a tickle. Then puts it inside me! WOW it's huge but I am sooooo wet that I can take it! "Love this wet pussy" "You got a freaking gorgeous wife" Jay says... while he is banging me... He starts fucking me hard, taking his dick out once in a while, and rubbing it to my clitoris... giving me an extra tickle excitement. I can feel his testicles banging to me - giving me an extra pleasure. His dick is sooo big - so long and fulfilling.

Gary loosens my arms (they where still tied up) and my legs... then he put his big dick back in my mouth.. Now I am able to feel him, touch his abs and but and play with his testicles while I deep throat him.... he moans and groans... I love giving blow jobs while playing.. I can feel he is very muscular - it turns me on! I love guys with six packs..

"Now my turn.." he says to Jay... they switch places.. " you are a goodness..." Gary says... "But I only do it from behind... hahah" he says and turns me around. Even though I usually don't let anyone fuck me in my anal, I am so excited - living me fantasy that I don't say anything. I turn around an lift my butt high up opening wide and ready for him - so wet that he doesn't even need any lubrication. He rubs his big cock on my vagina getting the wetness from it - I am sooooo turned on - then he doesn't go easy on me - he goes full force in my ass! "FUCK" I scream... both from sensation and bit of pain! Still loving every minute of it... I groam and scream from pleasure getting my second orgasm...

He starts fucking me hard from behind... Jay put his dick in my mouth - I can taste myself from his cock. He also makes me deep throat him, he even grabs my hair and starts "fucking" my face... I love when the guy takes control like that! I can feel me butt going a bit num - of pleasure...!

"Can you take them both you slut!" my husband says... "I dare you"...
Gary put his dick far inside me and then pulls out..

I take my blind fold of... Jay smiles at me.. They are both very handsome, black and muscular.
Jay lays down "come on top" he says... "Gary will take you from behind when your ready."

My husband is sitting on a chair, masturbating himself - it is still very sexy.

I go on top of Jay, I am so wet - I am almost sure I will squirt at this point. I lay down, trying to turn my butt up while I still have Jay inside me. I am bit stressed out - but so fucking horny and exited.. this has been my fantasy for years... Gary goes a bit slower inside my anal now. We all moan, my vagina and anal get the pressure- feels smaller I am assuming. Now they are both inside me - these big black cocks - while my husband is watching! No one is cheating this is just my entertaining birthday gift. Fuck this is good! I am soooo wet and horny. Gary starts fucking me - moving faster and faster - he controls the movements, moving my hips with him so I am fucking Jay... I am feeling so fulfilled - this must be the most pleasure I have ever received.... in only a little while I am getting multi organism - I scream from pleasure and Gary starts going faster and faster.... I feel so filled, sooooo gooooood! OMG. I peak at the organism and feel extra wet - not sure if I even squirted for the first time.

I come! Again and again and again - I can feel Jay coming inside me while my vagina tightens from all the organism. Gary sees Jay is done.

And Gary is almost there - fucking me hard in the ass! Harder and harder - I moan and fuck I am loving this! Now he take his dick out - grabs my hair and turns me around - and gets it all over my face! "You dirty little slut" he says... " So gorgeous and so bad - happy birthday"

Gary and Jay both kiss me and then put their clothes on and leave. I lay in bed so fulfilled (and exhausted) - I look at my sexy husband and he says " ohhhh honey - now it's my turn... we are not done! Let me look at your red, sexy, wet and used pussy" ;)

To be continued....