Surprise birthday gift - part 2

...after all the sex we both fall a sleep.
I wake up starving and exhausted. My husband is already awake.
I take a shower and we head down stairs for later brunch with some champagne.

The waiters is cute. Blond hair, skinny, small cute butt but big boobs. I am not sure if she is giving me an eye or my husband, at least she is flirting.. to whom I am not really sure.. haha.. But she is cute and we are both laughing about it. And to be honest I think she is hot. For some reason big firm boobs on skinny girls turn me on. Not sure if hers are real or not - but I don't care really.

She gives us a smile when we are leaving and for all the flirting we leave her a good tip. My husband get the receive and notices she put her number on it, and a note "She you both at the hotel bar tonight?".

We are both turned on by the note. Almost so turned on we go up to the room for more sex, but my vagina needs a bit of a break so we decide to go to the hotel spa and get a massage. I ask for a male massager and my husband gets a female. It lovely and relaxing after all the sex this morning, making me able to continue tonight.

We go back to the room and get ready. I put on short tight dress to show off my large booty. I am tall with olive skin, long dark hair, in good shape with a rather large booty.

We go down stairs to the hotel bar and my husbands orders me some drinks. We talk about the waitress, here name is Danielle according to the note.

We have few drinks and I am getting to become a bit tipsy when the waitress, Danielle arrives. She is with a friend. Cute, lolita. I get turned on. I am usually more for guys, but there is something about these girls that make me want to play and be naughty. Her friends name is Valerie.

They come and join us and we have some more drinks.

From all the drinks I need to go to the restroom (wc), once I stand up from the table - Danielle decides to go with me. I am used to going with girlfriends to the toilet so it doesn't surprise me or my husband.

Once we are walking to restroom Danielle smacks my butt. WOW
We go into the bathroom, a private one together. As soon as I close the door Danielle pushes me to the wall. She is smaller than me but so dem hot. We start making out. I have never kissed a girl for me so this is a first.

Didn't think it would turn me so much on! But I can feel how wet my used pussy is getting. OMG...
I take her top off - I just want to touch and kiss these boobs - I am too excited for this new experience. I kiss her boobs and nipple on her nipples. As I am flirting with her boobs she is putting her hand up my thigh and under my dress towards my wet pussy.

Mmm... "soooo you are wet and excited" she says... "I wasn't sure if you where only for dudes or if you could handle me".

"Your a first!" I say and still cannot get my hands off her boobs.

"I will teach you - before we play 4 some with Valarie and your hubby" Danielle says confident.

She pulls me towards the sink, which I sit on top while she puts my dress up. I am not wearing any panties. She starts licking my pussy. OMG what a pro. I am so excited, but still feel like I am cheating since my husband has no clue what is going on. While she is down on me - I decide to take a picture of her licking me and send it to my husband.

I am sure he will instantly turn hard receiving that message...

I get a message with a picture of his pants showing his big cock hard which says "hurry - I want you both".

I tell Danielle...

Danielle softly licks my clitoris while putting her fingers in my butt while I am sitting on the sink. It is sooo sexy to see her down on my that I grab her hair and start controlling her movements. She manages to keep her tongue soft while she starts moving it faster within my vagina mainly on my clitoris but also between and sometimes all the way back to my anal. Fuck its good! I start moaning and screaming... I am a bit of a screamer and orgasm come easy to me. FUCK I AM COMMING - I AM COMMING.. Danielle keeps moving faster while I am grabbing her hair and she now puts 3 finger up my anal moving them in a circular movements. I come!!!!!!!!!

Danielle stands up and kisses me and licks my face - letting me taste my own pussy. It only turns me on more.
"Your turn to practice" she says. I have never gone down on a girl...

I start taking here panties off, pink laced panties. I kiss her thighs and move slowly towards her pussy. I touch it first with my fingers, feeling how wet it is. Then I lick it - first like a cat - then I go all in. And lick inside her vagina and her clitoris. This is the first time I have gone down on a girl. Her pussy tastes like a honey or something sweet. I can feel how she gets turned on and excited. I also play around with my fingers, and put them inside her vagina. She is tight and small - and wet! I take my fingers out and put them in her mouth. She loves it.
I then start moving a bit faster, without making my tongue hard. Firmly I start moving my tongue circles on her wet vagina and when she starts to moan I move to the clitoris and move my tongue as fast as I can up and down until she comes. I can feel a little extra lubrication coming out when she comes.. But it's sexy - I don't mind

I kiss her boobs again. And then put my dress down and freshen up. We go out of the bathroom and have few more cocktails with my husband and her friend acting like nothing happened.

To be continued...