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Suppressing the black guy


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When my wife and her black boyfriend were breaking off their relationship, more than 10 years ago, they hadn't been having sex during 5 months. He was desperated and tried to convince her to do it all the time, but she didn't allow him to fuck her due their relationship was not good and she wished to give him a lesson.
Susana and me were friends by those days, and she confesed me that she was really turned on, but she was going to contain herself.
The last weekend without sex, Axel was unstoppable. They had gone to a park to take a sunbath there. Several times he tried to go over her to have sex in missionary, while she was lying over a beach chair under the sun. Susan is taller and stronger than Axel and kicked him out.
One week later, she was lying over bed watching tv in Axel's house. Axel went over her and started to lick her nipples. That was enought for her. She couldn't resist any more. She encouraged him to continue doing that, and when they couldn't contain themselves for one more second, they took off all the clothes that they could and fucked in missionary. Yes, they didn't "make the love" but they fucked wildly. She wrapped her legs and arms around him, while he continued sucking her nipples during the fuck.
My wife didn't tell me if he cummed into her pussy or not, but I think she allowed him to do it due the excitation.
It happened during a sunday. The next day she told me about it in our office (we worked together).
I've ever known Axel's virility is amazing. He has a good dick and when he is turned on, he's able to make my wife cum just in a few seconds. Could you imagine the powerful orgasm that they surely had that sunday, after more than 5 months without sex?