superior ??

are white women more sort after than black women by black men?

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if black men are superior lovers which everyone here seems to agree they are
doesnt that make us white women superior lovers to black women?
every guy here seems to perfer us white women. what are your thoughts?


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tightwife, white women are no more than novelties for many black men; same as black men to white women. Plus, black women are very aware of their men's growing interests in white women, and they aren't all that happy about it. If black men trip your right switches, just enjoy 'em, forget the superiority thing, and welcome yourself to the 21st century.


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Some people on this board must have never had a real discussion with a black woman. They laugh at some of the things routinely stated as fact on here.

Black men tend to have larger cocks, some of them are great lovers some are not big cock or not so big. Everything depends on the person, the situation, and what is desired. A white woman wanting a big black lover can easily find one and chances are fulfilling that desire and the excitement are going to enhance the experience. If they have a husband or boyfriend they are already dissatisfied in some cases to start with so the new experience is seen as more satisfying.

Then there are thousands of cases where the black guy just is what is said on this board and he just flat bangs the shit out of them and they cum all over his cock and beg for more.
I agree that it depends on the person. I'm Mexican and, prior to my husband (white), I had only been with Hispanic men. My husband has the biggest dick I've seen to date and has fucked me better than any other man I had dated prior to him. He's a great lover who knows how to tend to my needs. For me, I'm a BWC whore who, if my marriage were to end today (knock on wood), would never be with another Hispanic man -- ever! I would look for the next well-hung white dude. White men are my current preference.