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Super Bowl Party.


Real Person
It's the last party of the season so I went all out. I got 2 joining rooms at the hotel (I had used the same hotel for a few parties during the regular season so I got a good rate). While setting up the room the first of the 3 ladies arrived. She was wearing a coat with a bag in her hand, I took her bag and she removed her coat revealing her naked body. All the ladies had been instructed to do the samething. A few mins later the last 2 ladies arrived. It was an hour before my boys arrived which gave me time to enjoy the 3 ladies. As with all my events no names were used. They were slut 1 is a thin white woman with blonde long hair and a nice round ass and you could tell she spent a lot of time in the gym, slut 2 was another white woman thicker with a big ass and tits, slut 3 was a very thick Hispanic. I fucked each one before my boys arrived and then told them to shower.

Once out of the shower I told how to greet each one of my boys when they arrived (I normally kept the size of the group small but since this was the last party of the year I invited 15 guys ALL Black of course). As each man entered the room they were greeted by the ladies on their knees and as each guy passed the sluts would kiss their dicks welcoming them to the party. Once the last man entered the doors were locked

At this point the sluts started taking orders and my boys started to undress. The sluts stood in amazement as the diffrent dicks were reveled the smallest was 8 inches and the largest was 11 and very thick. After the drinks were served the sluts got on there knees and gave each man a blowjob while they were groped and fingered until kick off.

After kick off each slut went into the next room, each taking aside of the king size bed, bending over awaiting to be used for our pleasure. The guys were also told that there could be no more then 3 guys In the room until halftime. For the first half each slut was fucked several time, with ever hole filled with a BBD and Black seed.

At half time each slut went to one of the 3 beds in the two rooms where they were ever hole was under, often with all 3 holes filled at once and a dick in each hand.

Needless to say we never saw the second half.

Now a new season is about to start so I'm looking for sluts that would like to serve at each party. So if you would like to be one of the sluts to serve this year hit my inbox. We are very discrete with these parties and ever man involved knows if he breaks the Main role he will never be invited again. That rule is: What Happens In The Room Stays There. No pictures or videos will be made unless the woman agrees or requests them.