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summer playtime?

Were a straight white couple been inactive for awhile but thinking about some summer travel and play.We really love hearing of any SAFE clubs ,parties were white married women are openly hit on by black bulls hot for white pussy. We are not comfortable in a one on one meeting prefer a social environment were things evolve with a little drinking, dirty dancing , Not a sissy but have no issue if a bull tells me he is taking my wife up to our room and asks. It only works for us if the bull is very confident,assertive me to wait in the bar till I am paged up or if he would prefer to have me film him with my wife.It only works for us if the bull is very confident, assertive and gets off on it. Cuck's needing another white fuck bitch for your party please consider us thanks


We holiday in Europe every summer & have found the Canary Islands particularly full of black bulls seeking willing white women, given the proximity to Africa. A white woman dressed provocatively in any hotel bar will be approached by a young black man, especially an older woman, these guys are aware of the cuck scene so aren't put off by the presence of a husband. We usually book in to a larger hotel where there is more likelihood of African workers & I heavily tip a black barman or waiter & my wife gives him our room number, you can guess the rest... We do this the first night to ensure the guys in the hotel know she's an easy lay & available, ensuring she gets blacked every night.