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Summer memories


I'd like to share few images of a summer at few years ago, my husband made photos while I strip my bikini off.
Later we realized the balcony door wasn't properly closed and the hotel's pool had a perfect view to our room, so who knows who could see my "production"...
I don't need to say I was blushed red later when we went out - this was the most exciting public experiment of mine, however it was completely involuntary... :)

Feel free to have your thoughts and comments ;)

20151203-summer01.jpg 20151203-summer02.jpg 20151203-summer03.jpg 20151203-summer04.jpg 20151203-summer05.jpg 20151203-summer06.jpg 20151203-summer07.jpg 20151203-summer08.jpg 20151203-summer09.jpg 20151203-summer10.jpg 20151203-summer11.jpg 20151203-summer12.jpg