Sucking Cum 1st Time

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Dre Tomas, Oct 18, 2015.

  1. Dre Tomas

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    Hey ladies...tell us your latest story about a club or parking lot blowjob, that random head you gave to a black man before going home for the night. How'd you feel when you let him cum in your mouth that first time, slutty but fun huh...
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    We were in the Villages last Wednesday night, in Sumpter Landing, they have music and dancing in the square every night from 5 pm to 9, we had a couple beers then Veronika told me two old bulk men kept looking up her skirt, I told her your going to show they will look. Anyway ended up walking to the public restroom, both followed us and we let them catch up, one said too risky to fuck you, how about a blow job behind restroom?,The four of us went behind after looking around, Veronika squatted down as both got dicks out, took her about twenty minutes to suck and swallow cum from both cocks, she stood up licked her lips as I said let's go out in pairs just in case, as we walked from behind one said see you Saturday night ok, maybe have a couple friends for you to blow. Getting ready to head there now,
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