sucking black master


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ive always wondered what itd be like to suck my girls juices off a BBC or just suck it to get it hard and ready for her. is there anyone who has and could give me tips or advise on it? or have any pics of it?
The first time I get contact with black sperm was the same first time my girlfriend (now my wife) Susie and me fucked. Susie had broken up with her black boyfriend Axel just a few days before we fucked. I knew they had been fucking by those days, but however, sex was not enought to sabe their relationship.
Some days after we had sex, Susie and me started feeling some kind of bruning itching in our genitals. We must go to a doctor and there she told us we were infected with an inoffensive fungus. Axel had infected us!
We had to take some pills during a week. Some days later Susie went to Axel's house to take out some of her belongings. He was not ill. He had removed his fungus because he had cummed inside Susie's pussy. (a doctor told me one of the best ways to keep the sperm free from these kind of bacteria is ejaculating as many times as it's posible)