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Such a Flirt!

I know a polish girl in ireland who hangs out with these 3 black men... im only there 1-2 times a year but everytime i hang out with her or talk with her she complains about how girls are always all over them... She wont sleep with them(she said she slept with one a while ago) because "she knows how they are" yet gets jealous everytime they get pussy...


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My ex wife said a black man would never touch her after having sex with a random black guy she loved flirting with a black co worker.


Real Person
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I love to dress up and step out. Maybe not quite like in the above pictures, but I make sure there is no mistaking my desire to be noticed.

The right look and a coy smile when glanced at by a man I would want to meet usually will get him chatting with me. Unless he is dead. Or loyal. Or, let's face it, not all men are attracted to all women.

But when a man does start chatting, I'll start to flirt. And the seduction begins.