Success story

When I first brought this up to my wife she flat out told me no it would never happen. she wasn't the conservative type but looks very faithful to me. But after years of talking and fantasizing with her about it she started taking small steps toward actually it happen. Just here recently Decided to make a profile on online dating website she at all types of guys responding to it but none of them caught her eye. until a six foot 8 inch basketball player send her a message and she was like wow. She asked me if she should respond and I told her to do whatever she felt like doing she respond. One thing led to another and they have been texting each other non stop for the past couple of weeks. he knows about me and don't care. The only problem is that he is out of town and from another state they have even talk on the phone more than a couple of times. They have some ready raunchy conversation
PF send pictures of themselves and she has send pictures back. Now he is setting a date come down here to see her. We are still unsure of how it is going to play out but he done told her if he comes down he's going to want to f*** more than one time. He told her he's going to want to get it in all weekend and he's going make her not even be able to walk . She wasn't scared at all because she had her fair share of black before we go together and then he sent her a picture of it. And she said it's the biggest you've ever seen and now she is very scared of it. But we are still setting up a date and it will have the near future. Any comments advice or any other ideas are welcome