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Subterraneon in Chicago


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Hey everyone. I remember reading some posts a while back from Black men having trouble finding White women in Chicago.

I just recently moved from an area near Loyola to Wicker Park. I'm right by North Ave and that's a big area for bars and music. Just discovered a place called Subterranean that is right on North Ave under the Blue Line tracks. Certain days they have reggae nights and it is full of White girls. From going there with my roommate a few times, you wouldn't believe h ow many hook-up with the Black men that go there. Hell even my roommate has brought home a couple guys from there before. Kind of a tease for me lol. She is hot and we are on a no roommate relationship agreement. So that sucks, but it's also exciting knowing what is going on when she brings home the guys from there.

Anyways, thought I'd let the guys who are looking know about this awesome interracial spot.

63290_10151219982079070_70827836_n.jpg reggae-gold-74.jpeg 63290_10151219982079070_70827836_n.jpg reggae-gold-74.jpeg