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Submissive young girl from North London

Hi, I'm 25, 5'3", thin, pretty attractive girl living in North London. Had one black boyfriend before, too nerdy, looking to meet fit dominant black guys but short term relationships. Want a guy i can hang out and go out with, ideally into alt music, ok with tats and piercings, ok with a month long relationship and that's it unless i want otherwise, must be safe and prove he's clean for no condoms. I can prove I'm clean too of course. Only one on one unless i feel safe.

Looking to message first, then cam and then meet in public. Not done this before, please understand. Thanks.

P.S. Sorry too much like an advert, need to talk about myself. I'm just super submissive and want a dominate masculine guy (short supply these days i know!), find many black guys attractive, loved my ex but not the right guy for me. Want to have some fun for a few years, no stress, which is why i want a short term boyfriend, to try new things, in and out the bedroom.