Submissive Wife Needs Training

Discussion in 'Couples and Women Seeking' started by Mindy, Jul 5, 2010.

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  1. Mindy

    Mindy New Member

    Sexy wife needs a well endowed Black Master for training. Email me
    0102 024.jpg 0102 032.jpg 0102 029.jpg 0102 028.jpg 0102 027.jpg
  2. potito

    potito New Member

  3. bbc4bcw

    bbc4bcw New Member

    where r u located IM me on yahoo same name as here
  4. she needs to be trained with her collar and leash on as she crawls to that black cock and balls and begs to" please be allowed to service them'
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  5. sdo11

    sdo11 New Member

    saludos desde mexico eres preciosa me podrias regalar mas fotos
  6. CoolBlackHeat

    CoolBlackHeat New Member

    Such a sweetie.. -she'd look good with a cumfilled face. Bring her over, I'll keep her busy!
  7. biggrasp

    biggrasp Active Member Real Person Gold Member

    i will train her!
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  8. Captain Black Cawk

    Captain Black Cawk New Member

    Just tell me where to go. I'll teach her ass how to act right.
  9. larrysbbc4u

    larrysbbc4u New Member

    i got a fat black dick and some money to spend on a nasty white chick any age !

    i will fuk ur white ass until u squirt my cum on hubby!
  10. CelibateWhtBoy

    CelibateWhtBoy New Member

    She looks like the perfect fit for training to serve black. Teach her how to be completely and willingly submissive to blacks while being totally dominant over whites. Making sure she knows the proper way to show her respect to both black males and females and also how to properly approach blacks to ask for permission to show her respect to them.
  11. boby66

    boby66 New Member

    yes... would love to train this sexy slut to adore and worship cog! email me
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