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Submissive white guys

I'm a white guy and very into the idea of white girls going black. Black men seem to be the alpha males, dominant, masculine, very sexual. It feels pretty natural to want to be submissive to them and as a white male, even though I'm attracted to females, it feels natural to get excited about girls getting fantastic sexual pleasure from these powerful black guys. Anyway - there is a girl on here that I am very submissive to (Sarah). She owns me. I'm willing to do anything for her.
Hmmm...so this means she owns you like virtually, electronically, only in your wildest dreams, or all of the above.

I guess whatever gets your rocks off...although it sounds as though you might be missing them.
Yes, I guess it's all of the above. We chat on here and yahoo and seem to have a pretty good thing going. She is married and has a cuckold husband but seems to be okay with me being submissive and a sort of "online" cuckold.