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Submissive couple here,


We are couple from Hungary. (So English is not our first language)
I'am 31 y.o. and my wife is 29 y.o.
She is tall blond with quite big breast. She is a little chubby, but not fat at all.

She... the same as I are quite normal couple during our "normal" life. But sex life is something completely different.
We enjoy in sex submission. We want to be humiliated. At best by black gang or so. We want to be abused. Especially Me hubby would like to see how black gang treat my wife as the cheapest slut ever.
I would like to see how she eats their ass, gets anal, double penetration, sucks them and they laugh at her and me .. as they humiliate and abuse her (while I'm only watching this).
We are thinking about our first time and we join this site.

So we are looking here for support of our fantasies.
At first we would like to find some good ideas about cuckold humiliation and then meet some guys around Europe or maybe US.