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su gets boob job and dyes her hair blonde...

su gets big boobs and dyed hair...

when i met su she was a petite southeast asian girl, about 5'2 and 96 lbs. she was hot & horny, too, but that is digressing from the topic of this story. she kept getting pregnant and nursing so she stayed petite and even got skinnier. the babies got everything; she was skinny as a rail. after our last kid while she was nursing she dropped to about 92 lbs and said she didn't think she could handle anymore kids. it wasn't long after she had decided no more kids and had finally quit nursing that she told me she wanted a big boobs. this story is about how that came about...

we were watching a movie about a asian girl with big boobs who was gang banged by several well hung black men, at least 6 of them. we had just put the kids down and she told me she was in the mood for a dirty movie so i told her to pick one out of our collection. she pulled out this movie - I forgot the name of it but it had a picture of a hot looking asian girl (i think the girl was called miko lee but not certain) girl on the cover with dyed blonde hair and huge tits. She was surrounded by black guys and it was called gang bang something. Su asked me if this was okay, that it looked hot to her (sometimes when we fucked she would get so hot she would grab my fingers and suck them and say things like she "needed two cocks", "needed a cock to suck", "needed a cock in her cunt and another in her mouth", needed a big black cock", etc... As I said, su gets carried away when she is fucking. Anyway, I told her it looked good to me and she put it on. As we watched it she began to play with herself and spread her legs and asked me to eat her (I usually ate her and fucked her with a big dildo when we watched a porno movie). I said sure and I licked and sucked her while she watched the movie. She, as always, was very wet and I was sucking in all her cunt juice. It didn't take long in the movie before the Asian girl had some black cocks in her orifices and while I was licking and sucking su between moans and groans of pleasure she was saying things like how big the guys cocks were and how much the girl liked them, etc... After a long time of eating su she reached over and handed me her big 12 inch black dildo and asked me to fuck her with it. I knew then that su was really hot because usually it is my idea for her to play with the big black dildo. su generally isn't wild about dildos (she says she prefers the real thing). hell, su doesn't even like rubbers. we always fuck bareback with me pulling out just in time to cum in her mouth. I fucked her with the big dildo and as she was moaning and groaning she remarked how sexy the Asian girl was with her big boobs and dyed hair. She commented on how much those black guys seemed to like her and that generally guys liked girls with big boobs and dyed hair. I agreed with her. She then talked about how big black cocks are and how much the girl was enjoying them then soon she became so hot she was beyond conversation and just got into my fucking her with the big dildo while she watched the movie. After 15 or 20 minutes of getting off on the big dildo su turned off the movie and told me she wanted my cock so we fucked.

after we were done fucking su put the movie back on and we watched it while we were caressed, fondled and played with each other. while i was caressing her she asked me if i thought the girl was hot and i said yes. she asked if i liked her big boobs and i said yes. she said black guys like blondes don't they? i agreed. when the movie was over they interviewed the girl. they asked how she got in the movie business, etc. the girl told them that she was a nerd in high school but when she graduated she had the breast enhancement surgery and suddenly all the guys wanted to fuck her. she and her boyfriend (who was a black guy) then made a movie and her career took off. she credited her boob job for her success. thats when su told me she wanted big boobs like that girl. she said all guys like big boobs and she wanted big boobs. i assured her she could have them. then she said guys like blondes, i want to dye my hair blonde. I assured her she could do that, too. so, soon thereafter she got her breasts enhanced (she is now a C cup) and dyed her hair blonde. she asked me if i liked her that way and i assured her i did, that it made her look slutty which is the way i liked her to look. she also began to wear low cut tops that showed off her boobs and short dresses and skirts without panties. she has gotten a little older and gained a little weight but she still looks hot and is still horny most of the time. from time to time she asks me do guys like slutty girls and i assure her they do. guys, i am right about that aren't i?

su tells me that guys now are always staring at her boobs and she wants to make them even bigger. i promised her she could do that so soon she should be sporting D cup boobs. she can hardly wait! she loves showing off her big boobs to guys now just as much as she enjoys flashing her shaved pussy to them!
i know su is curious to try bbc and i know she thinks black guys like blondes. i think subconciously she is making herself more attractive to black men. its only a matter of time before she does it...
i think so, too. i think thats what i want. it excites me but scares me a little too. maybe its the same with her. one time when we were discussing it she said "its just getting over that first time isn't it? after that first time (bbc) its probably easy."

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We are actually planning to get A a boob job after we are done having kids. But we havn't started that yet, sxo I guess I am stuck waiting. :-p