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Question to anyone who has watched or joined in as their wife gets stretched by a BBC?

Has your relationship been better since it happened or did things turn out bad after?

I'm a black male and want my wife pleasured as I join in to pamper her. I'm not the most hung guy but I know my partner has always had black men. I'm not worried about her cheating but wondering if anyone been in the situation and how things have been since then.

Thanks in advance


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Although my wife & I have yet to do an interracial swing, we have had some 3-somes and couple swaps in the past. I can honestly say it's added to our relationship, both sexually and emotionally. Particularly after we've had MMF's or FFM's, our sexual energies for each other are really raised, for days and even weeks afterward, back to levels they were when we first met. We're not into the cuckold stuff, however, and we have involved partners to enhance our excitement, not to fill a void. No cheating, no dating, no humiliation, cocklocks, no games, etc; we've done everything on the "up & up" as a couple. I can vouch for having a party jacuzzi, as it has broken the ice and started "parties" more than once.
It's become harder for us to do anything the past 4-5 years, however, due to having 2 teens, and we miss that.


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Yes we are definitely not into the cuck scene but each to their own.
It's hard to find genuine people who have a same level of respect. We are not desperate and are taking our time picking someone who understands our situation.