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strictly white sluts


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Brother..I'm not a moderator..but you should read the Essay On Words Thread in General Discussion...we
are adults and how we refer to women and how women refer to the men in a private conversation is their
business. But a lot of people are putting efforts to upgrade the site to ATTRACT women and degrade them
as "strictly White slut meat"..not helpful..osp
You are completely correct. I have always treated women well and expect to be treated well in return. My reward has been a long line of wonderful women. I am well into my 6th decade on ths planet and I still get more pussy than I should be entitled to. I see the person that started this thread has a screen name that indicates that he has a craving for white pussy. Treat women well and when you get the chance curl their toes and it won't be craving it will be getting.
just a reflection of my passion my name ... but my dudes should go to Christian dating .com and craving is synonymous with insatiable....these two disgruntled older gents are the only
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