stretched with BBC - true or false

Possibly. Usually vaginas go back into shape so long as the pelvic floor muscles are strong. But I've never had a kid. Do you know if after a woman has a baby, she's looser? If so then a bbc and then a little dick, the difference will be felt by the smaller guy.


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I disagree. Most of a woman's feelings in her vagina are at the opening. There are of course exceptions to the rule. So he could give a woman an orgasm. If a man turns me on, and I have had my share of smaller cocks in my past, he can make them cum. Its as much in the mind, as its in the hole.......Hell rub it all over my clit and I would cum. Then again I cum when it rains hard so just saying......:)


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Having been with a number of women who took BBC it does go back into the usual size for the most part. There is some stretching if she has recently had a big one. Sloppy seconds are always loose and she said she barely felt me or did not feel me at all but those guys has around 3" length or more on me and were generally quite a bit thicker as well.